“Kiwi-Indian” Tales – A “Happy Ending”


Adult Fiction – A Spoof By Vikram Karve 


“Did you enjoy the massage…?” he asked me.

“No…” I said.

“No…? What happened…? I thought you would enjoy the massage…”

“The masseur got too personal…”

Masseur…? How is that possible…? You had a man give you the massage…?”

“No. No. It was a woman – a girl…”

“Ah. Then the right word is masseuse”…”


“Yes – “masseuse” is the feminine of “masseur”…”


“Anyway – what happened…? Why didn’t you enjoy the massage…? Didn’t you feel happy and relaxed after the massage…?”

“No – I felt embarrassed and uncomfortable …”

“You felt uncomfortable…?  Why…?”

“The masseur – I mean the masseuse – she got too close for comfort…”

“What do you mean “too close for comfort”…?”

“She got too intimate…?”


“She was trying to touch me inappropriately at all sorts of places – even my private parts…”

“So what’s wrong…? She was supposed to do that…”

“I thought it will be a “clean” massage…”

“Ha. Ha. “Clean” Massage…!!! This was supposed to be a “sensual” massage – not physiotherapy…!!!”

“Sensual Massage…?”

“Yes. Tell me – wasn’t it a stimulating experience…?”

“Stimulating…? Not at all. For me – it was an uncomfortable experience – I felt uneasy and awkward…”


“Sir – I told you – she got too close for comfort – first – she took off everything – then – she was rubbing against me all over…”

“Well – that’s what a sensual massage is all about…”

“Sir – you won’t believe what she did next…”

“What…? What did your masseuse do…?”

I told him about the disgusting thing she did.

He started laughing – and he said to me:

“So – she gave you a “happy ending”…?”

“Happy Ending…?” I asked, clueless.

“What she did to you is called “Happy Ending”. By the way – she was supposed to do that – to give you “happy ending” – I had paid for it. At least – I hope you enjoyed that part of the massage…!!!” he said.

“I am feeling very guilty…” I said.

“Guilty…? Why are you feeling guilty…?” he asked me.

“The girl – she was so young – she looked so innocent – and – she was doing all these indecent things…”

“That’s her job – as a masseuse…”

“I will never forget her face…”

“Come on. Don’t get sentimental. I hope you haven’t fallen in love with her or something…?”

“I think she was from India…”

“Really…? Well – out here – most of the masseuses are migrants – but a “Kiwi-Indian” masseuse – that’s quite rare…”

“She seemed to be from a good family. I don’t know why…”

“Hey – forget her now. Let’s have a quick beer at a good pub and get back to the ship…”

Next morning – we sailed out from Auckland – from our berth alongside Captain Cook Wharf – towards our next port of call – Osaka – in Japan.

“RoRo” Ships have their pros and cons – you visit the best ports – you are berthed at the most convenient wharfs – but – you stay in port for a very short time – just a day or two at the most.

At the end of the voyage – my sailing contract period was over – and I returned to India on two months leave.


One Month Later 

(At the home of a Lady) 

My Investment Advisor friend was taking me out for lunch.

On the way – he had to deliver some Mutual Fund Certificates to one of his clients – a lady.

The lady asked us to come inside – she was a beautiful middle-aged woman – 50 – maybe slightly older.

As my friend explained the documents to the lady – I looked around the room.

I saw a framed photo on the mantelpiece – and – I walked over to have a closer look.

I looked at the girl in the framed photo on the mantelpiece.

I recognized the girl at once.

It was the same girl I had met in Auckland – the masseuse who had given me the “happy ending”.

I picked up the photo-frame and looked at the girl in the photo.

Yes – no doubt about it – it was her – the same girl I had met in Auckland – the massage girl who had given me the “happy ending”.

I asked the Lady: “Who is this girl in the photo…?”

“That is my daughter…” the lady said, “she lives in New Zealand – in Auckland. She is doing really well – she already has a car – and she will be buying her own house soon…”

“Oh – that’s really good – what does she do…?” I asked the lady.

“She works in the “hospitality industry”…” the lady said.

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  1. This story is a fictional spoof, satire, pure fiction, just for fun and humor, no offence is meant to anyone, so take it with a pinch of salt and have a laugh.
  2. All stories in this blog are a work of fiction. Events, Places, Settings and Incidents narrated in the stories are a figment of my imagination. The characters do not exist and are purely imaginary. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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Link to my original post in my Blog Academic and Creative Writing Journal Vikram Karve: http://karvediat.blogspot.in/2018/05/happy-ending.html

© vikram karve., all rights reserved. 

Link to my original post in my Blog Academic and Creative Writing Journal Vikram Karve: http://karvediat.blogspot.in/2018/05/happy-ending.htmlA

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