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How to Remember the Past : Forget the Grief – Remember the Fun

February 22, 2019

Ever since I retired from the Navy – many years ago – from my time to time – I hark back and reminisce about my Navy Days – and write stories based on my Navy Days in my Blogs.

Some friends ask me why I mostly write about my happy memories in the Navy.

Here is my answer:


Navy Philosophy


Ramblings of a Retired Navy Veteran By Vikram Karve


Long back – many years ago – I watched an old Black and White Movie called:


The film – ACTION IN THE NORTH ATLANTIC – produced in 1943 – stars the inimitable Humphrey Bogart – and is a story of the war at sea during the World War II.

The thrilling movie depicts the bravery and adventure of Naval Officers and Sailors on a Merchant Navy Ship during World War 2.

The merchant ships – sailing in a convoy – are sailing from Halifax in Canada – to Murmansk in Russia – carrying vital war material.

The convoy of merchant ships is pursued by German Submarines (a Wolf-pack).

There is one dialogue in this movie that attracted my attention – and this quote remained etched in my memory even after the movie was over.

The quote was:

“The difference between you and me – Skipper – is that – You Remember the Grief – but – I Remember the Fun”

After I saw the movie – for a long time that evening – during my evening walk – I let the quote perambulate in my mind.

“You Remember the GRIEF – but – I Remember the FUN

The more I thought about it – the more it made sense – and the more meaningful and insightful these simple words seemed to me.

In the movie – there is a scene on a dark and gloomy night – as the warship sails on treacherous seas with the dangerous enemy lurking below.

Humphrey Bogart – who is the Chief Officer of the Merchant Ship – and his Captain – are standing in the Bridge-Wings – reminiscing and discussing their time on an earlier ship which was sunk by enemy torpedoes.

The Captain keeps talking about the tough hazardous times they had when their convoys were attacked – and he keeps recalling various tragedies and misfortunes.

On the other hand – the Chief Officer talks about all the fun, frolic, flirting and enjoyment he has had during his tenure on the same ship – and he describes his delightful amorous peccadilloes and escapades in various ports.

The Captain berates the Chief Officer.

The Captain asks the Chief Officer how he can be so frivolous and merry in a dangerous and grim wartime situation.

The Chief Officer (Humphrey Bogart) replies:

“The difference between you and me, Skipper, is that you remember the grief but I remember the fun.”

Tell me – Dear Reader:

When you recollect your past:

Are the recollections happy and pleasing…?

Or – are your recollections of the past sad and unpleasant…?


Let’s do an experiment.

Close your eyes and think of your childhood – what comes to your mind – what predominates – happy memories – or sad moments?

Reminisce about each phase of your past life – your early years, school, college, career, marriage, your middle age, until now – and examine your recollections – “pleasant” memories – and – “not-so-pleasant” memories.

Yes – you will have Two Types of Memories:

  1. Pleasant (happy) Memories
  2. Not-so-pleasant (unhappy) Memories
  3. (When I hark back to my Childhood, my school and college days, my Navy Days – I too have both types of memories – Happy Memories and Not-so-happy Memories)

Now remember the dialogue from the movie (Action in the North Atlantic) spoken by the Chief Officer (Humphrey Bogart) to his Captain:

“The difference between you and me, Skipper, is that you remember the grief but I remember the fun.”

“You Remember the GRIEF – but – I Remember the FUN…”

Now – you know how to handle your memories.

Like Humphrey Bogart said – REMEMBER THE FUN.

So – just forget and blank out all the sad and unpleasant memories of your past – and remember the joyful pleasant moments.

Hark back to happy memories and joyful reminiscences which evoke a smile on your lips.

Try to erase from your brain all traces of your past grief.

Forget the “bad guys” – who harmed you and caused you misery.

Remember the “good guys” – who added value to your life and gave you joy.

Forget all unpleasant memories.

Remember all happy memories.

Yes – from now on let this be your leitmotif:


Yes – whenever you think about your past and reminisce:

Forget the Grief – Remember the Fun


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“Student Pathway” Migration – Beware of “Education Trafficking”

February 22, 2019


Are You Taking the “Student Pathway” to Migrate for a “Better Life”…? 

Musings by Vikram Karve


In the 1970’s – my classmates used the “student pathway” to migrate abroad to the US and settle down there permanently to realize their “American Dream”

Those days – USA was the most sought after destination for youngsters who wanted to migrate away from India for a “better life”.

In fact – before “liberalization” (1991) – owing to various “socialist” restrictions – the “student pathway” was the only way to migrate and settle down in a foreign country.

“Liberalization” and “Globalization” created new options for aspiring migrants – like the “foreign job” option and “onsite work” option etc – which facilitated migration to a foreign country – but – even now – most aspiring migrants use the “student pathway” route to migrate and settle down in the country of their choice.

During my recent visit to New Zealand – I interacted with many youngsters from India – who were on the “student pathway” to realize their dream of settling down in New Zealand.

Today – in view of various favorable advantages and promising prospects – many youngsters want to migrate to New Zealand – and – they use the “student pathway” – since – New Zealand’s immigration policies include a post-study work pathway for international students who have completed a New Zealand qualification – which lets you find a job and get work experience in a field related to your studies and makes it easier to apply for residence and finally acquire citizenship.

All the youngsters I met in New Zealand – some students – and some working after completing their studies – all of them were desperate to settle down in New Zealand – and – not even a single youngster wanted to return back to India.

(In fact – New Zealand is such a lovely place that even visitors feel like staying on there forever – and – most visitors feel sad when their stay in New Zealand comes to an end and they have to return home)

The youngsters told me that one good plus-point of studying in New Zealand is that you can “earn while you learn” – since students are allowed to work part-time for a specified number of hours every week – and since the hourly “minimum wage” is quite good – students can earn enough to meet their daily needs.

Once they got accustomed to the “better life” in New Zealand – they did not want to return to India – and they wanted to permanently settle down in New Zealand “at any cost”.

I could see this desperate desire for residency (and finally citizenship) in most of the youngsters I met in New Zealand.

One of my friends who has settled down in New Zealand told me that this desperation (to remain in New Zealand) makes youngsters vulnerable to exploitation – especially after they complete their studies and are looking for a job in order to get a work visa – and later – when they want residency – in order to achieve their long term goal is to permanently settle in New Zealand.

She also told me another shocking fact.

She said that it was “our own people” who exploited young Indian migrants the most.

By the term “our own people” – she was referring to “Kiwi-Indians” (erstwhile Indian Citizens who migrated from India to New Zealand many years ago and had got New Zealand Citizenship). 

It was these “Kiwi-Indians” who were exploiting new Indian Migrants the most.

I was shocked to hear this – that – in most cases – new migrants were being exploited by employers in their own ethnic communities.

I did see many young “Indian” migrants working in stores, malls, hotels, restaurants, cafes etc. – but – I was impressed by their “dignity of labour” which is a sign of egalitarian society – it was good to see that students/youngsters were ready to do any type of work to earn some extra money.

In fact – in the very café where my friend and I were sitting – it was an “Indian” migrant who was managing the counter and also serving us.

She told me a few stories – but – I thought they may be apocryphal.

But then – a few days ago – I read three news reports which shocked me.

Here are the url links to the news reports (click url to open on a new page):

  1. NZ dream turns to nightmare for international students


  1. Student Visa: ‘It’s not about education’


  1. ‘Sleep with me if you want your visa’ boss tells student worker


Let me add a disclaimer that what is described in these news reports may be aberrations – and may not be representative of the broad reality.

In fact – from my experience of the excellent social life I observed in New Zealand – I feel that these reports may be rare isolated exceptions – and – New Zealand certainly has a superior quality of life than most places.

Yes – New Zealand is a great place to visit, to study, to work – and – if you want – to migrate, reside and settle in.

But – if you are thinking of migrating permanently – you must make yourself aware of various aspects of the realities of life there.

The aim of this article is to generate a bit of awareness.

I do not intend to dissuade youngsters from migrating abroad to realize their dreams of a “better life”.

In fact – I would encourage youngsters to migrate to places where they can achieve their fullest potential and thereby contribute more to the world.

However – aspiring migrants must ensure they are aware of the pros and cons – especially if they are using the “student pathway” – so that they don’t fall victim to “education trafficking” and become vulnerable to exploitation.


A newly coined term “Education Trafficking” refers to the phenomenon of enticing aspiring migrants to take the “student pathway” to get a permanent residency in the country of their choice.

These aspirants pay huge amounts of money to use the “student pathway” to migration since education is expensive in most developed countries.

(It is well known that education has become big business and there are many “stakeholders” who want a share in the pie).

The root cause of the problem of “Education Trafficking” does not lie in the new “host” country to which students want to migrate.

The root cause of the problem lies in the “donor” country “exporting” students – where various “Agents” and “Consultants” mislead and exploit gullible youngsters who are desperate to migrate overseas for a “better life”.

If you want to use the “student pathway” to migrate for a “better life” – please do so by all means – but ensure that you perform “due diligence” and carry out a “reality check” – so that you do not become vulnerable to exploitation once you migrate to the land of your dreams.


Dear Reader: Have you read my previous posts on my observations during my short stays in New Zealand…?

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Also – I intend writing a few more articles on my visits to New Zealand – and – I will post them in my blogs in due course for you to read and comment upon.


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Janissaries – Corps of Slaves – Elite Soldiers of the Ottoman Empire

February 22, 2019

The Ottomans had an elite Corps of Slaves called Janissaries



Janissaries – Elite Soldiers of the Ottoman Empire

Doctor’s Advice

February 22, 2019

Sharing an interesting post received on Veterans Forum (author unknown)

Doctor’s Advice

* Dr. Patxi Ulibarri is the Medical Director of a Bilbao Hospital in Bizkaia Spain.

* This is the extract of an interview on local TV, where he was asked about food and sports issues …

*Here it goes…*

* Question: Cardiovascular exercises prolong life … Is it true?
* Answer: Your heart was made to beat a certain number of times and go … Do not waste those beats in exercises … Eventually, everything is spent. Accelerating your heart will not make you live longer: That’s like saying that you can prolong the life of your car by driving faster. Do you want to live longer? Take a nap. *

* Q: Should I stop eating red meat and eat more fruits and vegetables?
* A: You need to understand the logistics of efficiency. What does the Lamb eat? Grass, fodder and legumes. What are those things? Vegetables! Then a barbecue or a barbecue is nothing more than an effective mechanism to place vegetables in your system. Do you need grains? Eat chicken! *

* Q: Should I reduce my alcohol consumption?
* A: No way. Wine is made of fruit. Brandy is a distilled wine, which means that they take the water out of the fruit and thus one takes advantage of it better. Beer is also made from grains … Get drunk! *

* Q: What are the advantages of a regular exercise program?
* A: My philosophy is: If nothing hurts you, you’re fine and you do not have to do anything. *

* Q: Are fried foods harmful?
* A: YOU ARE NOT LISTENING TO ME !! Today the food is fried in vegetable oil. These foods are literally impregnated with “vegetable” oil … How can something vegetable be harmful to your health? *

* Q: Do push-ups help reduce fat?
* A: Absolutely NO! Exercising a muscle only causes it to increase in size. *

* Q: Does chocolate do badly?
* A: Are you crazy? Cocoa, another vegetable! It is a very good meal to be happy. *

* Life should not be a trip to the grave, with the intention of getting there safe and sound with an attractive body and well preserved … Better to exceed: Beer in one hand, appetizer in the other, much sex and a body totally spent, completely used and screaming: It was worth it !! WHAT TRIP!!!*

– If walking was healthy, the postman would be immortal.
– The whale swims all day, only eats fish, only takes water … and is fat !!
– The rabbit eats well, runs, jumps and lives only 15 years.
– The turtle does not run or do anything … * And lives 450 years! *

* If you can not find half of your orange, do not be discouraged … Look for half a lemon, add rum, ice, coke, and …
*Be Happy*

* Enjoy your Life !!! *


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