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  1. 1
    Hari Nair Says:

    Hi Vikram

    Stumbled upon your blog recently. Liked it and so it is now linked from my blog. I love food too – and also lived a couple of years in Mumbai. keep up the good work.


  2. 2

    Hi Vikram,
    Great web page and a very interesting read I will be placing your site in my favourites to keep me up to date on Pune. My family on my mother’s side (maiden name Amor) came from Pune (Poona) hence my interest. My great grand father Martino (Martin) Amor was the superintendent of engineering in the Engineering collage Pune, he is buried in the grounds of the City church and there is a memorial flagstone placed inside the church. My other great grand father Cevelino D’Cunha was the Station Master at Kirkee station, it is said that when King George 5 visited Poona in the early 1900 my great grand father had a commendation for his bravery, during that time there was a lot of unrest and a explosive device was placed at the station me managed to avert a serious situation. My mother who is 82 has told me about the wonderful times she had holidaying in Pune and in the mountains of Igatpuri. Although I have visited India in1994 I had little time to take in the beauty of the country side because I was intent on carrying out a family history research. After reading your articles I realise I missed a great opportunity to see some wonderful sites, I hope to make a trip later this year or early next to make up for what I missed. Once again great site keep up the good work.
    Colin Booth


  3. 3

    Dear Colin: So nice to read your nostalgia.
    Dear hari: Keep reading and happy eating.



  4. 4
    Urmila Joshi Says:

    Hello ,

    Did not write anything after Hello because I am confused how to address you. I am 29 and you are quite elder than me.

    I came across Sherry’s story and really loved it. I am from pune but currently staying in UK. I love pune, my family and my house just like Sherry does. When I was reading Sherry’s story I was contantly thinking about my handsome, black doberman ‘Boris’ , back home. I was wondering if Boris is thinking all these things about me and my family as well.

    I felt homely while reading this story. Now I will read more of your stories.

    Best Regards,


  5. 6

    Amended my Blog

    Cheers Colin


  6. 7

    Hi Urmila,
    Do read of the next epidode of Sherry,

    PS: Please call me Vikram


  7. 8

    Do you like my blog?


  8. 9
    Mubashir Says:

    I really liked your food articles, especially those on restaurants in South Mumbai. It reminded of my college days. Keep writing.


  9. 10



  10. 11

    Do read my stories on



  11. 12
    sanmit Says:

    hi vikram i am frm aundh pune …nice website



  12. 13
    asHIsh Says:


    I’m interested in contacting Mr. Colin Booth with regards to history of Kirkee station. It would be nice, if you could provide me his email address.

    Sorry for the bother.



  13. 14
    rakesh Says:

    your stories are great


  14. 15
    Anil Says:

    Hello Vikram
    I came across your name last month, when I was trying to find, book Peter Principle on net. Sorry to admit I have lost my copy of that book, which I had baught it in 1970. After changing houses, towns, countries, jobs, n-number of times, in last 40 years, I have lost many books. Very sad. Needed that book again, as I was to write an article about influensive books and I had chosen Peter Principle. It was eventually written and published in the Marathi magazine, ” Shree va Sau”, February 2011 issue. Like my other published articles, this one is also under the name “Charvak”.
    As I mentioned, your name surfaced during the search on net. It was nice to know that you have written about the book.
    I am now back in Pune. May be we can keep in touch by e-mail. I am not on blog. Do not have website.


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