Blame Game : Story

A Teaching Story
Retold by Vikram Karve

A Husband and his Wife came home one day to find that thieves had broken into their home and it was a big burglary.

Their entire valuables, jewelery, and everything portable had been stolen and taken away. Yes, everything had been stolen and the unfortunate couple had lost all their belongings.

“It’s all your fault,” the wife scolded her husband, “You should have made sure that the house was properly locked before we left.”

A neighbor looked sternly at the husband and said, “Maybe you did not lock the windows properly.”

“Why did you not expect this?” another neighbor chided the hapless husband, “You should have installed a burglar alarm!”

“Maybe the locks were faulty. Why did you did not replace them in time?” another neighbor blamed the husband.

“Just a moment,” the husband said, “surely I am not the only one to blame?”

“Then who should we blame?” everyone shouted in unison.

“What about the thieves?” the husband asked, “Are they totally innocent?”

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