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Senior Citizens – Healthy Living

September 20, 2019

Sharing from a Veterans Forum (author unknown)

For Senior Citizens

*Kindly read minutely*

*● To have a Long Life, the 10 years from 70 to 79 years are crucial!*

Israeli scholars have found that there are around two health problems per month for people between the ages of 70 and 79. Surprisingly, the health status of the elderly aged 80-89 is as stable as the 60-69 age group!

70-79 years is a dangerous period. During this period, various organs decline rapidly. It is a frequent period of various geriatric diseases, and it is often prone to hyperlipemia, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, and diabetes.

After entering the age of 80, these diseases will decline, and the mental and physical health may return to the level of 60-69 years olds!

Thus, the age of 70 to 79 years old is called the “dangerous age group”. As people grow older many people want to have a good healthy life. They realise that “Health is Wealth”.

The 10-year health care of 70 to 79 years olds is crucial.

Here are some simple steps called
“Doing *ten ones* every day”

This will help you to navigate more smoothly through the “dangerous age group” stage of your life.

When the elderly are 70 to 79 years old, they may wish to do these “ten ones” every day. Here are the 10 tips:

* 1. a pot of water*

Water is “the best and cheapest health drink”.
You must drink a glass of water during the following three times/occasions each day:

First cup:
After getting out of bed, you can drink a glass of water on an empty stomach.

Because of our invisible sweating and urine secretion during sleep, we lose a lot of water. Even if we don’t feel thirsty after getting up, the body liquids will still be thick due to lack of water. Therefore, after getting out of bed, you must slowly add water as soon as possible.

Second cup:
A glass of water after exercise

The right amount of exercise is one of the cornerstones of longevity, especially for the elderly, and more attention should be paid to effective and reasonable exercise. However, after exercise, special attention should be paid to replenishing water. During exercise, sweat takes away electrolytes and consumes more energy. If you don’t pay attention, it is prone to hypoglycemia after exercise, and even cause syncope. Therefore, after the exercise, it is recommended that the old people drink water to which a small pinch of salt and sugar can be added and dissolved if you wish.

Third cup:
a glass of water before going to bed….

When people are asleep, sweat glands are still draining water. When the body’s water is reduced too much, the blood viscosity is increased. A cup of water before going to bed can effectively reduce the blood viscosity and may even slow down the appearance of aging. Helps against Angina, myocardial infarction and other diseases.

*2. a bowl of porridge*

If you feel sick, drink a bowl of porridge! Wang Shixiong, a famous medical scientist in the Qing Dynasty, called porridge “the first complement of the world” in his book.

China Daily Online published a 14-year study conducted by Harvard University on 100,000 people. It found that a bowl of about 28 grams of whole grain cereal porridge per day can reduce mortality by 9% and reduce the chance of getting cardiovascular diseases.

Each volunteer was in good physical condition when he participated in the study in 1984, but in the 2010 feedback survey, more than 26,000 volunteers had passed away.

It was found that those volunteers who regularly ate whole grains such as porridge, brown rice, corn and buckwheat seem to have avoided most diseases, especially heart diseases.

* 3. a cup of milk*

Milk is known as “white blood” and it is so to the human body. Its nutritional value is well known with a lot of calcium, fat and protein .

The recommended daily intake of milk and dairy products is 300 grams.

*4. an egg*

Eggs can be said to be the most suitable food for human consumption. The body’s absorption rate of egg protein can be as high as 98%.!!

*5. an apple*

Modern research believes that apples have the effects of lowering cholesterol, losing weight, preventing cancer, preventing aging, enhancing memory, and making the skin smooth and soft.

The health benefits of different colored apples are different:

Red apples have the effect of lowering blood lipids and softening blood vessels

Green apple has the effect of nourishing liver and detoxifying, and can fight depression, so it is more suitable for young people to eat.

Yellow apples have a good effect on protecting vision.

*6. an onion*

The Onion has a very high nutritional value and has many functions, including helping to lower blood sugar, lowering cholesterol, preventing cancer, protecting cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and also anti- bacteria, preventing colds, and supplementing calcium and bones. Eat onions at least three or four times a week.

* 7. a piece of fish*

Chinese Nutritionists have warned that “eating “four legs” is worse than eating “two legs”, eating “two legs” is worse than eating “no legs.”

“Four legs” mainly refers to pigs, cattle, and mutton. Eating too much of these meats is not conducive to weight loss and lowering blood fat;

“Two legs” mainly refers to poultry such as chicken, duck, goose, etc., which are good meat foods;

“No legs” mainly refers to fish and various vegetables. The protein contained in fish is easily digested and absorbed. The amount of unsaturated fatty acids in the fat, especially polyunsaturated fatty acids, is relatively good for the body.

*8. Gentle walking*

This has a magical anti-aging effect. When adults walk (about 1 kilometre or less) regularly for more than 12 weeks, they will achieve the effect of correct posture and waist circumference, and the body becomes strong and not easily tired.

In addition, walking exercise is also beneficial to treat headache, back pain, shoulder pain, etc., and can promote sleep.

Experts believe that a 30-minute walk a day can get rid of the danger of “adult disease”. People who take 10,000 steps a day will have a lower chance of developing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease.

* 9. a hobby*

Having a hobby, whether it is raising flowers, raising birds, collecting stamps, fishing, or painting, singing, playing chess, and traveling, can help the elderly to maintain extensive contact with society and nature. This broadens the horizons of interest of the elderly. They will love and cherish life.

*10. good mood*

Old people should maintain good emotions as these are extremely important to their health. Common chronic diseases which affect the elderly are closely related to the negative emotions of the elderly:

Many patients with coronary heart disease have angina and myocardial infarction due to stimulation of adverse emotions, resulting in sudden death;

“Bad” temper leads to high blood pressure. In prolonged and severe cases, this can cause stroke, heart failure, sudden death, etc.;

Negative Emotions such as anger, anxiety, and grief can cause blood sugar levels to rise, causing metabolic disorders in the body.

This shows how important it is to have a good mood!

Physical aging is a natural phenomenon, and it is the most sensible choice to fully devote yourself to life and to live the best every day!

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“Satta Bazaar” – Part 2 – The “Punter”

September 20, 2019

(Continued from “Satta Bazaar” – Part 1 – “Punter” in Uniform)

The recent antics of Stock Market reminded me of this story of the “Punter”

He was not a “Bull”

He was not a “Bear”

He was a “Punter”


Short Fiction – A Story By Vikram Karve 

He was not a “Bull”

He was not a “Bear”

He was a “Punter”

Yes – we nicknamed him: “PUNTER”

Yes – we called him “THE PUNTER” 

He did not bother about gobbledygook like fundamentals, technicals etc.

He did not have an inkling of financial algorithms and risk heuristics.

He never “analyzed” the share market – he just speculated by sheer gut feeling.

He instinctively knew how to time the market.

That is why – the “Punter” always made money – whether the stock market boomed – or the stock market crashed.

He had made so much money – that he could have retired and enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle.

But then – he had got addicted to making money by playing the stock market.

The “Punter” got a kick out of “making” money – rather than “enjoying” his money.

Yes – the “Punter” focussed all his efforts on “making” money – but – he did not know how to “enjoy” his money.

So – despite his advancing years – the “Punter” kept on playing the share market with more and more vigour – and – he continued to make more and more money.

Earlier – in the good old days – he would spend his entire time in the “ring” at the Stock Exchange on Dalal Street.

Now he would sit all day – all stressed up – in his room – glued to his TV – flipping all the financial channels – his fingers alert on his Laptop and Smartphone – for instant online trading – via the internet.

He had no interests, no hobbies, no pleasures, no loves.

He just enjoyed one thing – playing the stock market – and making money.

That was his only passion in life.

One day – his lifestyle took its toll – and – he had a massive heart attack.

They rushed him to the best hospital in Mumbai.

The doctors said he would require a bypass surgery.

So – they admitted him to the best room in the hospital.

Instead of relaxing in his hospital room – he sat whole day watching the stock-market channels on the wall-mounted TV – doing feverish online trading on his smartphone – and – he continued making a lot a money – and he was very happy.

But – the doctors were not happy.

The doctors said that all this share-market business was causing him a lot of excitement – which was not good for his already erratic heart.

So – one morning – they suddenly removed the TV and his smartphone – and – they even banned all visitors except me – his best friend – and his son – who was a successful investment banker.

“Total rest…” the doctors warned all of us, “he needs total rest – both mental and physical – and only then will he be able to stabilize and be ready for the surgery.”

It was the first time he had to suffer a day of total rest isolated from the outside world.

It was the worst day of his life.

The entire morning he kept asking about stock prices – and – he asked me for my cell-phone to connect up with the stock exchanges and find out – but I refused – since we were told to strictly isolate him from that world of shares and stocks and trading.

I could realize that he was passing through hell – he was suffering unimaginable mental agony at not getting information about the stock market – the very thing that had been his bread and butter – even the raison d’etre of his existence.

After lunch he dozed off.

Then – the Punter suddenly he woke up – and he asked me:

“What is the time…?”

“2:30 in the afternoon…” I said.

“Good. There is still time. I want to speak to my son…” he said.

“He is coming at 4 PM…” I said.

“No. I want to speak to him now. It is urgent…” he said.

“Your son will be busy now – in his office…” I said.

“I told you it is urgent. Just get him on the phone…” he said excitedly, his breathing getting heavy.

“Okay. Okay. Calm down…” I said.

I dialled his son’s mobile number.

Soon – his son came on the line.

I asked him to speak to his father.

The Punter shouted at his son via the mobile phone:

“Sell all shares – sell all shares…”

“What…?” I could hear his son’s surprised voice.

The Punter shouted at his son:

“Don’t ask any questions.

You do what I say.

Sell all my shares – do you understand – sell all my shares – everything.

Do it right now – today – before the closing bell.

Sell everything online.

Right now.

You know the user id and password of my trading account – don’t you…?

So – just log on now and sell all my shares – do it now…”

“Okay, Papa…” I could hear his son’s voice, before he disconnected.

The old man kept on pestering me to ring up his son and confirm that his son had sold all his shares – as he had instructed his son to do.

So – I rang up his son half an hour later – and asked him to speak to his father – the Punter.

“Yes, Papa – I have sold all the shares in online trading…” the son confirmed to the Punter.

The old man seemed tremendously relieved – and he went to sleep peacefully.

Yes – the Punter seemed happy and peaceful as he fell asleep – a sound sleep.

That night – at home – sitting before my TV set – I watched with concern as all the share-market experts on the financial channels predicted that the market was very solid and bullish.

All financial experts recommended that everyone buy shares – as the market was going to go up and up and up.

“Invest … Invest … Invest … Buy … Buy … Buy …” all the experts said in unison.

It seemed to me that my old friend – the “Punter” – he had made a big mistake by selling all his shares – at a time when the stock market was sure to rise and shoot up.

What a blunder he had committed…!!!

The market was at an all time high – but things were looking so good – that it was going to rise phenomenally – and your investment would probably double in a few months – that is what all the experts predicted.

The experts kept quoting analysis in technical jargon I never understood to substantiate their predictions.

Everyone said that the stock-market was going to shoot up to new heights.

But – next morning – the stock-market crashed.

It was the biggest fall ever in the history of the share-market.

Most investors were wiped out.

Everyone incurred huge losses – except – the old man and me.

Did I say: “The OLD MAN and ME …?”

Yes – the “Punter” and “Me” – we two seemed to be the only two people who had made a profit in this stock-market crash.

Others may have been wiped out – but my friend – the “Punter” – and “Me” – we both had made windfall profits due to the stock-market crash.

Dear Reader – you’re surprised – aren’t you…?

You are wondering how I made a profit – aren’t you…?

Let me tell you what I did.

On the previous afternoon – the moment the Punter had finished speaking to his son telling him to sell all his shares – I went outside the hospital room.

I called up my broker.

And – I told my broker to immediately sell off all my stocks and shares.

The broker was hesitant – but I told him that I needed the money urgently – so I wanted to book my profits and get out of the stock market for now.

As I told you – the very next morning after we sold all our stocks and shares – the stock-market crashed.

The Punter must have made a huge profit selling off all his shares just before the stock-market crashed.

And – as always – I played along with him – so – I too had made a small fortune by selling off the few shares I had.

As always – I had blindly followed the Punter.

And – as always – I had profited by blindly imitating whatever he did in the stock market.

The Punter heard the news of the stock-market crash from a careless nurse.

The Punter got so excited on hearing the news of the stock-market crash – that he almost went crazy with excitement and happiness – thinking of the huge amount of money he had made.

The frenzy of ecstasy caused his blood pressure to go haywire – his heartbeats ran amok and fluctuated crazily.

And suddenly – due to his ecstatic excitement – which his weak heart could not bear – the Punter collapsed – and he died instantaneously.

I gave a condolence speech at the old man’s funeral in which I praised him profusely.

I told everyone how I had made a fortune in the stock-market – just by following him blindly.

Later – the old man’s son took me aside – and he asked me:

“Tell me Uncle – did you really sell all your shares…?” 

I said to the Punter’s son:

“Yes. I sold all my shares – just like your father told you to do. I had blind faith in your father…”

The Punter’s son said to me:

“I wish I had blind faith in my father’s mysterious ways.

But – I am an investment banker.

I don’t go by gut instinct – like my father did.

I analyze things.

I never imagined the stock market would crash so badly.

In fact I thought the market would go up and it would be foolish to sell such excellent “blue chip” shares…”

I looked at Punter’s son – and I asked him:

“Are you trying to tell me that you did not sell all the shares as your father had told you to do…?”

The young man said – with a tone of regret in his voice:

“No. I never sold those shares.

I am big fool.

Had I listened to my father and sold all the shares – I would have made a big fortune.

But – I did not sell those shares – and now – after the stock-market crash – the prices of the shares have rock-bottomed…”

“I cannot believe it. You never sold the shares…? Not even a single one…?” I said.

“No – I did not sell even one single share…” he said.

“Then why did you lie to your father that you sold all the shares…?” I asked.

“I told him that I had sold all the shares – because I wanted him to die happy…” he said.

I asked him in a surprised tone:


You told your father that you had sold all the shares because you wanted him to die happy…? 

You lied to your father because you wanted him to die happy…?”

With tears in his eyes – the Punter’s son said to me:

“Yes. I lied to my father. 

I lied to my father – because I wanted my father to die a happy death…” 

And so – the Punter died a “Happy Death”…


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This story is a work of fiction. Events, Places, Settings and Incidents narrated in the story are a figment of my imagination. The characters do not exist and are purely imaginary. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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“Satta Bazaar” – Part 1 – “Punter” in Uniform

September 20, 2019

Today – the Stock Market shot up. 

A few days ago – it hurtled down.

Watching the antics of the Stock Market reminds me of my “Punting” Days in the 1970s…


In the 1970s – if you were a young officer in the Navy – and – if you were appointed on a ship based at Mumbai (then called Bombay) – life was wonderful.

Those days – most of the Navy was based in Mumbai – and – I was lucky to enjoy my early bachelor day tenures on ships based at Mumbai.

Unlike other places – in Mumbai – the moment you stepped out of the Naval Dockyard – you were in the heart of Mumbai.

Thanks to “austerity measures” – we spent a decent amount of time in harbour.

In the evenings – you could go “bird watching” on Colaba Causeway – “food walking” in Fort – or – watch the sunset while strolling on Marine Drive down to Chowpatty.

On Sunday afternoons – while officers in cantonments wasted their time playing Tombola and drinking beer – we Mumbai Navy Officers preferred the “King of Sport and the Sport of Kings” – horse-racing – and we were seen “punting” at the prestigious Mahalaxmi Race Course – the premier racing venue in India.

Talking of “punting” – the Bombay Stock Exchange was just a stone’s throw away – and we had many “punters” who “played” there too.

In the 1970s – the Stock Market operated differently – and you had to be in the thick of things – unlike today – when you can do all your “punting” online from the comfort of your home – or wherever you are – on your smartphone – thanks to internet and mobile technology – which did not exist in the 1970s.

I knew many “punters” – who “played” in the “Satta Bazaar”.

Some were “punters in uniform” – who were part-time punters.

But – most punters I knew – were “punters in civvies” – full-time punters – whose “bread and butter” was the stock market.

Dear Reader – I will tell you two stories of “Punters” – the first – about a “Punter” in Uniform – and the second – about a “Punter” in Civvies.

Both stories are fiction.

But then – isn’t most fiction based on the truth…?

And – don’t they say that fiction is a dramatized version of facts…?

Read on – enjoy – both the stories – about the “Punter in Uniform” in this blog post – and about the “Punter in Civvies” – in the next blog post.


A Spoof by Vikram Karve 

Military Officers are often stereotyped into quintessential archetypes – some of which are portrayed in Movies.

And – of course – you must be aware of the legendary Colonel Blimp and “Captain Haddock” etc

But – when you join the Armed Forces – you realize that there are all sorts of Officers with different personalities.

Among Defence Officers – there are many unique and eccentric characters – each with his own idiosyncrasy.

This is especially so in the Navy – since – Naval Officers are a cut above the rest.

An interesting category I discovered were “Punters” in Uniform

Here is a hilarious encounter with “Punter” in Uniform – who I met during my early Navy days…


“SATTA BAZAAR” – Part 1 

A Spoof By Vikram Karve 

This happened more than 42 years ago – in the 1970’s.

Six of us “piddly” Sub Lieutenants from various ships sat in front of a chubby Commander in Western Naval Command (WNC) Headquarters at Mumbai (then called Bombay).

Those days – the WNC Headquarters was located in a civilian building in Fort area of Mumbai.

We had been “detailed” for some “bum jobs” connected with Navy Week – and – thepodgy Commander was briefing us.

The portly Commander was from the erstwhile Supply and Secretariat (S&S) Branch (now called Logistics Branch).

The roly-poly Commander was a Senior Staff Officer in the WNC Headquarters.

Suddenly – the phone on the table rang – and – the Commander picked it up.

I saw him listening intently on the phone – he only listened – he didn’t speak a word.

I don’t know what the Commander heard on the phone – but whatever he heard on the phone – it suddenly galvanized him into action.

The Commander suddenly stood up abruptly – I was surprised by the speed of his movement despite his corpulence and huge size.

The Commander told us that something urgent had come up.

He told us that he would be back soon.

He ordered us that we should wait for him.

Then – the podgy Commander threw a file in front of us.

He told us to read the file till he got back.

Then – he swiftly grabbed a civilian bush shirt which was hanging on the hat-stand.

And – he wore the blue bush-shirt over his white uniform shirt.

He looked funny in a blue bush shirt, white uniform trousers and white buck-skin shoes.

The Commander picked up his briefcase – and – he disappeared at the speed of light.

We waited patiently in his office.

More than 30 minutes passed.

Yes – we had been waiting for half an hour.

So – we went over to the office hall – and – we asked the clerical staff if they knew when the Commander would be back.

“Don’t worry. He must have gone to “Dalal Street” to meet his broker in the “Bombay Stock Exchange”. He will be back soon…” the Commander’s PA said.

(Remember – this happened in the 1970’s – when there was no internet – there was no online trading – and – you had to physically trade shares and stocks through your stock broker)

When the Commander returned – he seemed quite cheerful and he was in a happy mood.

I do not know whether he was a “Bull” or a “Bear” – but from his happy mood – it appeared that he had made a lot of money that day.

After a “brief” briefing on the “official” matter – the Commander educated us on investing and trading in stocks and shares – and – he told us how much money could be made in the stock market – rather than the conventional savings methods like Provident Funds and Fixed Deposits – which we were doing.

Later on – during my Naval career – I met many such “Bulls” and “Bears” in the Navy – fanatical “punters” who were more preoccupied with the Stock Market than their Naval Duties.

These “punters” in uniform tried their best to remain in Mumbai – so that they could indulge in their passion of “playing” the stock-market (“satta bazaar…”)

Now – thanks to internet – with the advent of online trading – it has become ever so easy for these “punters” to indulge in their stock market trading – from home – and from office during working hours – even if they are posted far away from Mumbai in remote locations.

Technology has proved a big boon for “punters” in uniform.

You can use your PC, your laptop, or even your mobile smart-phone – to indulge in “satta bazaar…” 

And – you can do it round the clock – 24/7 – anytime – anywhere.

Someone told me that – nowadays – Navy Wives are heavily into “online trading” in shares on the stock market – and – many Navy wives are earning good money “working” from home on the “satta bazaar…” 

(continued in Satta Bazaar – Part 2 – The Punter) 


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  2. All stories in this blog are a work of fiction. Events, Places, Settings and Incidents narrated in the stories are a figment of my imagination. The characters do not exist and are purely imaginary. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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