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Haifa Day – Bravery of Indian Troops

September 23, 2018

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Today is the Centennial anniversary of the victory at Haifa over German and Ottoman forces by the Mysore and Jodhpur Cavalry regiments.

The Indian soldiers were armed only with lances and swords while the Turks had in their possession advance artillery and machine guns.

The Indian troops displayed exemplary cavalry skills and valour during what was considered to be the last major cavalry campaign in military history.

The Indian strategy, their valour, skills and determination ensured victory over the Turkish and German forces.

They captured a total of 700 prisoners, 17 guns and 11 machine guns.

In turn, the loss to the Indian forces amounted to 8 dead, 34 wounded, with 83 horses wounded and 60 horses dead.

The bravery of Indian soldiers is enshrined in the history books of Israel and enthusiastically taught to school children there.

There is also a beautiful well maintained memorial, so that the citizens never forget what brave Indian men contributed on that historical day.

Isn’t it inexplicable that others often recognise our great deeds and qualities, but we rarely acknowledge it ourselves…?

Greetings on Haifa Day.

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