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Story of My Love Life

September 3, 2018

I read somewhere that we humans have Two Basic Desires:

  1. FOOD
  2. LOVE

Yes – Food and Love are the basic desires of human beings. 

Some persons may contemplate a rather “sensual” connotation for “LOVE”

But – I prefer the romantic aspect.

So – for me – Love means Romance

I was quite lucky on the “FOOD” front.

Yes – I was highly successful in satisfying my Food Desires – which is evident from my “Foodie” Writings – in which I have described my Foodie Adventures.

However – was I successful as far as “LOVE” was concerned…?

Well – let me tell you about My Love Life in a Nutshell…


Dating Romance Relationships Affairs Marriage 

A Spoof By Vikram Karve 


(This story happened around 42 years ago – in the 1970’s – and those days – Mumbai was called Bombay – but I shall use the current name Mumbai in the story)


“I have heard that Naval Officers have a girl in every port – but – so far – we don’t have even one single girl in even one port…” my course-mate said.

“Come on – we were under training. Maybe now – things will look up…” I said.

“Yes – I am sure we are going to have a good love life now…” my course-mate said, “we are lucky to have got Bombay based ships.”

“Yes – we are indeed lucky as compared to those poor Vizag guys – they are destined to a desolate life…” I said.


“The first thing I am going to do in Mumbai is to get myself a girlfriend…” my friend said.

“Me too…” I said.

My friend succeeded.

I miserably failed.

I just did not have the talent for romance.

Everything had been handed down to me on a platter.

All the conditions to get a girlfriend were ideal.

I was located in ‘maximum city’ Bombay (now called Mumbai) – and – that too – South Bombay (SoBo) – which had plenty of the best most beautiful, chic and savvy modern girls wanting to be friends with young smart boys like me.

I was on the best ship of the fleet.

And – in those ‘licence-quota-permit Raj’ days – as far as girls were concerned – Navy Officers were in high demand – since we got exotic foreign stuff duty free (especially perfumes) – and these imported goodies were was not available outside – and we had access to the best of clubs and social circles.

(Nowadays – with the advent of liberalization and globalization – the charm of the Defence Services has gone down.

In those glorious ‘licence-quota-permit Raj’ days – since we got everything ‘duty free’.

Nowadays – thanks to liberalisations and globalisation – all these goodies are freely available to the ‘Civilian Elite’ who are much more debonair and affluent than the Naval Officers of today).

But going back to those ‘good old days’ of the 1970’s – most young Naval Officers had girlfriends – and a few ‘Casanovas’ were having a good time with ‘fleet auxiliaries’.

But – I had drawn a blank.

My coursemate had acquired a ‘girlfriend’ within a few days of our reaching Mumbai – and he was often seen gallivanting with her all over the place.

In my case – I had miserably failed to acquire a girlfriend.

So – instead of wasting my time on trying to romance girls – I focused on food and drink.


Once – after imbibing half a bottle of whisky – followed by a sumptuous Biryani at Olympia on Colaba Causeway – and a delicious ‘Triple Sundae’ ice cream at Yankee Doodle Ice Cream Parlour near Hotel Natraj on Marine Drive – I returned to my ship in a happy mood.

Soon – I was fast asleep – enjoying sweet ‘foodie dreams’ in my cabin.

Suddenly – I was rudely jolted awake.

It was my coursemate – who had come over from his ship – which was tied up alongside next to my ship.

“I am very upset – I want to talk to someone – and you are my best friend,” he said.

“Yes – once upon a time I was your ‘best friend’.But now – you have got your darling girlfriend – who you call ‘Honey’…” I said angrily.

“It’s about her – I just saw her off at the airport – she is on a long haul flight plan – she will be away for two weeks…” he said.

His girlfriend was an Air-Hostess who flew on international routes.

“Okay – so you can join me for food and drink till she comes back…” I said.

“No – it’s not that – she wants to marry me…” he said.

“So – get married to her…” I said.

“It is not so simple – my parents won’t agree – her parents want her to continue her job too. And – in her airline – an ‘air-hostess’ has to quit the moment she gets married. It is all very complicated – I have realized that falling in love has complicated my life…” he said sadly.

And then – he went on and on…

He told me his entire ‘sob story’…

My lovesick friend totally disturbed my sleep – by narrating his ‘love woes’ till early morning.

I thought that having a girlfriend made you happier.

But – exactly the opposite had happened to my otherwise cheerful friend.

He appeared to have become miserable after falling in love.

I said to myself:

“If having just one girlfriend had done this to him – just imagine the situation of those Casanovas with multiple girlfriends…!”

It seemed that a ‘zero-girlfriend’ guy like me was much happier than my counterparts who had girlfriends.


I realized that – ‘Food’ was a Safe Investment like a Fixed Deposit.

Yes – focusing your energies on eating good food was like buying a Fixed Deposit in a Nationalized Bank.

It was a stable situation.

Maybe – the ‘returns’ were lower – but for the time and money you spent on food – you got a guaranteed ‘Return on Investment’ (ROI).

Yes – ‘investing’ in Food gave you a guaranteed ‘Return’ – maybe not a very high ‘Return on Investment’ (ROI) – but a safe steady predictable ‘Return on Investment’ (ROI) – just like Bank Fixed Deposits.


On the other hand – ‘Romance’ was a Risky Investment like the Stock Market.

Acquiring a girlfriend was like trading in a volatile share.

Romance is an emotionally volatile relationship – similar to a financially volatile stock market.

It was just like the ‘returns’ from the stock market which were fluctuating and unpredictable – and could vary from high to low – with dynamic changes every moment.

Yes – the ‘Return on Investment’ (ROI) that you got from a Romantic Relationship could swing between Agony and Ecstasy


So – being ‘risk-averse’ – I was content to spend my ‘zero-romance’ loveless bachelor life enjoying good food and drink.

Of course – I did make plenty of effort to ‘fall in love’ with many girls.

But – sadly – No girl was willing to fall in love with me.

My few attempts at dating girls ended in disaster.

So – I resigned myself to the fact that ‘love marriage’ was not in my destiny.

And – hence – I settled for an ‘arranged marriage’.


As a newly married couple – my wife and I – along with our pet Lhasa Apso girl Sherry – the three of us – we lived in a lovely one room flat in Curzon Road Apartments in New Delhi.

One evening – we were sitting in Nathu’s Sweets – in Bengali Market – one of our favourite places – where we often walked down in the evenings.

There was a group of beautiful girls sitting nearby – and my eyes were focused on them.

Yes – I was ogling at the pretty girls – as most young men do – or want to do.

One girl seemed particularly attractive – and I was staring at her quite blatantly – with frank admiration in my eyes.

My wife followed my gaze.

She was quite amused to see me looking at the pretty girls so intently – especially the yearning look I gave to that most gorgeous girl who seemed to be the object of my total attention.

Suddenly – my gaze shifted.

My wife was curious.

Was there a new ‘object’ which had captured my attention…?

She followed my gaze – to see where I was looking.

On observing the new ‘object of my attention’ – my wife started laughing.

A tray of sweets was being brought in from the kitchen – and my eyes had ‘locked on’ to the mouthwatering sweets like a Radar ‘locks on’ to its target.

The tray was heaped with my favourite sweet – the inimitable ‘Lavang Lata’.

Soon – I was fully focused on eating my Lavang Lata – totally oblivious to my surroundings.

And – I seemed to have completely forgotten about those beautiful girls sitting on the table nearby.

In fact – I was so absorbed in savouring the delicious ‘Lavang Lata’ – and I was enjoying myself so totally – that I even forgot about my wife sitting opposite – who was not quite relishing the dish of ‘Lavang Lata’ that I had ordered for her too.

“So – it seems that you found the ‘Lavang Lata’ more enticing than those beautiful girls…” my wife said to me.

“Of course – I love good food – there is no greater love than the love of food…” I said.

And then – while walking back home – I told her about my failed attempts to romance during my Mumbai days.

I explained to her why I preferred food to romance – about my theory:

“Food is like a Fixed Deposit versus “Romance is like the Stock Market”

My wife looked at me and said:

“Someone had told me that a Naval Officer has a girl in every port – but looking at you – I am convinced that you did not have even a single girl in any port – in fact – you must have had a “foodie joint” in every port…”



My wife was right – I did not have even a single girlfriend during my bachelor days.

But – after I got married – my luck improved – and – girls wanted to be friends with me – and – slowly but surely – I started having girlfriends – and – today – I have plenty of girlfriends – a few ‘real’ – and – most ‘virtual’ – especially after the advent of internet – most of my girlfriends are in the online ‘virtual’ world of cyberspace.

It is funny – isn’t it…?

Not a single girl wanted to be my friend before marriage – when I was a most “eligible” bachelor.

And then – when I was “much married” – and – I was no longer “eligible” – so many beautiful “girls” wanted to be friends with me.

Can someone please explain this paradox…?

But – let me tell you the one important precaution I take when making friends with girls – I make sure that all my girlfriends are “approved” by my “Better Half”.

Yes – all my real life “offline girlfriends” have been duly “approved” by my “Better Half”.

And – as far as my “online girlfriends” are concerned – I know that my virtual interactions with them on the Social Media are being closely monitored by my “Better Half”.

Ha Ha – so I can say that all my girlfriends are “approved girlfriends”.

Yes – if you are a married man – it is always better to get your girlfriends “approved” by your “Better Half”

It is safer that way – you have a clear conscience – and – you can have a transparent friendship – without the fear of being “found out”.

I am sure it is the same with married women too – isn’t it better to get your “Boyfriends” duly “Approved” by your husband…?

By the way – my “Better Half” approved of all my “girlfriends” – except one.

Yes – there was only one “girlfriend” who my wife did not approve of – and warned me to stay away from.

Ha Ha – about her – the “unapproved girlfriend” – I will tell you sometime in my blog.

Till then – have fun – and do tell me if you liked the story of my “Love Life”


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  1. This story is a fictional spoof, satire, pure fiction, just for fun and humor, no offence is meant to anyone, so take it with a pinch of salt and have a laugh.
  2. All stories in this blog are a work of fiction. Events, Places, Settings and Incidents narrated in the stories are a figment of my imagination. The characters do not exist and are purely imaginary. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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Story for “Losers”

September 3, 2018



A water bearer had two large pots  one hung on each end of a pole – which he carried across his neck.

One of the pots had a crack in it – so – some water leaked out of it.

The other pot was perfect and had no leaks  so – this “perfect pot” always delivered a full portion of water.

At the end of the long walk by the water bearer carrying water from the river to the master’s house  the cracked pot always arrived only half full.

For two years this went on daily  with the water bearer delivering only one and a half pots full of water to his master’s house.

Of course  the “perfect pot” was proud of its accomplishments  fulfilled in the design for which it was made.

But  the poor cracked pot was ashamed of its own imperfection.

The cracked pot felt miserable that it was unable to accomplish what it had been made to do.

The “cracked pot” felt it was a “Loser – while the “perfect pot” was a “Winner

After two years of enduring this bitter shame  the contrite Cracked Pot spoke to the Water Bearer one day when he was filling up water from the river.

The Cracked Pot said to the Water Bearer:

“I am ashamed of myself and I apologize to you.”

The Water Bearer asked the sad Cracked Pot:

“Why are you feeling so guilty, so penitent, so repentant …? Tell me – Dear Pot – what is it that you are so ashamed of…?”

The Cracked Pot said full of remorse:

“I feel sorry that for these past two years I have been able to deliver only half my load  because this crack in my side causes water to leak out all the way back to your master’s house. Because of my flaws  you have to do extra work and you do not get full value from your efforts.”

The Water Bearer felt sorry for the old Cracked Pot.

In his compassion – the Water Bearer said to the Cracked Pot:

“As we return to the master’s house  I want you to notice the beautiful flowers along the path.”

Indeed  as they went up the hill  the old Cracked Pot took notice of the sun warming the beautiful flowers on the side of the path – and was consoled somewhat.

But at the end of the trail  the Cracked Pot still felt remorse  shame and a feeling of guilt – because it had leaked out half its water load.

And so again  the Cracked Pot apologized to the Water Bearer for its failure:

“I have again leaked out half the water. I am sorry…” 

On hearing this – the Water Bearer said to the Cracked Pot:

“Did you not notice that there were flowers only on your side of the path – and not on the other pot’s side…?

That is because I have always known about your flaw – and – I took advantage of it. 

I planted flower seeds on your side of the path – and – every day while we walked back from the stream – you have watered them. 

For two years – I have been able to pick these beautiful flowers to decorate my master’s table. 

Without you being just the way you are – would we have these beautiful flowers on the path – and would I be able to give these lovely flowers to the master – to grace his house.

The “perfect pot” only carries water – but you do two things – you carry water – and – you also help beautify your surroundings too…” 


There are no winners and there are no losers – everyone is a winner in his or her own way.

Yes  you are a winner in your own way

Each of us has our own unique flaws.

We all are “cracked pots”.

But  it is the cracks and flaws we each have that make our lives together so very interesting and rewarding and make you unique.

You must consider each person for what he naturally is  and look for the good qualities in him.

Every person is useful to society in his own way  just like the cracked pot was useful in its own way.

Most importantly  you must look for the winner within your own self  maybe hiding deep inside you.

If you introspect  you will realize that you are a winner in your own way.

So  please do not compare yourself with others  and  do not pay too much heed to what other people say.

The STORY OF THE CRACKED POT is for parents, teachers, mentors – especially for those parents/teachers – who want to achieve their own unfulfilled dreams – vicariously – through their children and protegees.

Due to this – some ambitious parents force their own unrealized desires and unrealistic ambitions on their children.

Such people put a lot of pressure on children – they drive the poor kids – and – they overwhelm them with high expectations.

Everyone wants their children to be the best – all parents want their children to stand first in class and excel in all activities.

Everyone wants to WIN

In the “Rat Race” to Success – there is no place for LOSERS

There is no place for even those who come second.

In the competitive world of today – we all adopt the philosophy of life:

“Winner takes all – and  Loser is left standing small…”

This story is also for those perfectionists – at the workplace and at home – who expect everyone to be perfect like themselves – and this quest for perfection – they make everyone’s life hell…

Most importantly – this story is for you and me – for all of us – who want to be winners in our own way – despite our “imperfections”.

Yes – like the Water Bearer took advantage of the Cracked Pot’s flaw – shouldn’t we use our so-called “imperfections” to our advantage…?


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All Stories in this Blog are a work of fiction. Events, Places, Settings and Incidents narrated in the stories are a figment of my imagination. The characters do not exist and are purely imaginary. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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No part of this Blog may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical including photocopying or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the Blog Author Vikram Karve who holds the copyright.

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Military War Story – Birth of Para Commando

September 3, 2018

Sharing an interesting article from a Veterans’ Forum (by anonymous)

Birth of the Para Commando

It’s a known fact in history, that in September of 1965 when Pakistan was on the verge of victory in Kashmir with the Chamb offensive, a three pronged attack on Jammu Akhnoor and Pathankot to cut off Kashmir from the rest of India; one man stood up… Lt Gen Harbaksh Singh the Western Army Commander.

The towering Khalsa, took upon himself to break the defensive mindset, and went on the offensive… thus, for the second time in history after the Khalsa offensive by the legendary Sardar Hari Singh Nalwa against the Pathans in 19th century; the Indian Army went on the offensive… Lahore was attacked.

Since early days, Harbaksh was destined to always save India out of trouble. 13 Years of combat experience with his parent unit 5 SIKH, fighting the Japanese in WWII, Harbaksh had seen it all from capturing posts, to being ambushed, injured and taken as Prisoner of War. By 1947 Harbaksh a senior Military officer and brilliant battle hardened soldier had just completed Staff College at quetta and was ready to take on the higher echelons of the military. As a full Colonel, he was the Deputy Commander of the famous 161 Infantry Brigade in Uri in 1947. He had volunteered to command a unit in battle but was denied as he was a full Colonel (units were commanded by Lt Cols).

During the offensive by 1 SIKH the CO Lt Col Dewan Ranjit Rai got Killed in Action, Harbaksh Singh again volunteered and this time removed a star from his shoulders (for the first time in history an officer demoted himself to lead his men in battle). The battered battalion regrouped and fought like lions under Harbaksh to reclaim Farkian Gali and drove out Pakistanis from the valley.

Harbaksh Singh was promoted as Brigadier in 1948. As the Commander of 163 Infantry brigade Harbaksh again conducted daring operations in Tithwal and captured Tithwal. He at the rank of Brigadier, was awarded Veer Chakra, the third highest gallantry award of India.

In September 1965, the Indian Army went on the offensive with Jalandhar based 11 Corps launched all of its infantry divisions (7th Inf Div, 15th Inf Div and 4th Inf Div) launched towards Lahore and Army HQ Reserve 1 Strike Corps with the elite 1 Armoured Division launched further North Towards Sialkot to not only thwart the Pakistani Juggernaut but also to crush Pakistan feeling of supremacy and regain the pride of the Indian Army licking its wounds from 62 China debacle. Bitter battles followed with both sides fighting even for an inch of land. The Indian Armoured Corps came into its own with destruction of Pakistani counterparts despite having inferior Sherman tanks as compared to the modren Patton Tanks of Pakistan. Legends were created on the battle field with units like 17 Poona Horse, 4 Horse, 3 Cavalry writing history in blood and gold. The infantryman went beyond the call of duty and beyond imagination to fight with tanks, the likes of Abdul Hamid showed the true colour of the sons of the soil. India regained its pride as not only Pakistani offensives were crushed, but Indians were now ready to capture Lahore. Pakistan however launched another offensive this time towards south Punjab in Ferozpore sector. In Hussainiwala, Pakistan cracked up Indian defences and a crisis developed. The Army Chief Gen JN Choudhary ordered 11 Corps, which was in offensive to withdraw and take defensive positions. Lt Gen Harbaksh Singh Western Army Commander refused, defied the Army Chief and instead ordered GOC 11 Corps to attack, thereby saving Punjab and India from a certain defeat.

Meanwhile in Kashmir, during the progress of operations history was in the making. The Operation Gibralter combined with the Pakistani offensive in Jammu, initially had succeeded due to the surprise and speed. It was a precarious situation as Poonch was threatened. The only possible way to recapture territory and save poonch was to go behind the enemy lines and destroy his flanks. Pakistanis knew India would loose Kashmir if the old road to valley from Poonch was lost. Doom prevailed on the horizon of the future of an integrated India.

At this time a miracle happened. It is often said that the outlaws create history, same thing happened when Maj Megh Singh of the 3RD BATTALION BRIGADE OF THE GUARDS, a superseded officer who had been denied promotion, volunteered to the Western Army Commander to carry out commando raids behind the enemy lines. A preposterous idea given the time and situation and with no resources at hand. India had no commando units. Nor were there any plans to raise any. Gen Harbaksh listened patiently, and asked Megh Singh, “Son if you succeed in this, I will put that star on your shoulder with my own hands.” And without the govt’s approval, Harbaksh gave a nod to raise this force. Maj Megh Singh organised a force of volunteer dare devils personally chosen by him, A few Good Men. This force, known as the ‘MEGHDOOT FORCE’ after Megh Singh, the forgotten men not even recognised by the govt of the day, formed the nucleus of the first special forces unit in India. Thus was born the elite 9 PARA COMMANDO or the 9th BATTALION THE PARACHUTE REGIMENT SPECIAL FORCES.

Maj Megh Singh proved his mettle and carried out not one but three of the most outstanding and daring raids and link ups ever in history of warfare. His raids took Pakistanis completely off the guard as nothing this spectacular was ever expected by them from the Indians. Today Poonch stands with India courtesy Megh Singh. Maj Megh Singh the outlawed man facing court martial charges before the raids, came back home with a bullet in his thigh and was pipped Lt Col by Gen Harbaksh Singh himself and became the first CO of 9 PARA.

By the time ceasefire was declared on 23 Sep 65, the Indian army had not only recovered from the initial losses, but instead captured large chunks of vital Pakistani territory in North Punjab. War as a whole was a stalemate but the Indian army was able to thwart the Pakistani intentions of capturing Kashmir with force, their Operation Gibralter proved to be an utter failure.Truly Harbaksh was the saviour of Kashmir, Punjab and that of the honour of India.

For saving India, Lt Gen Harbaksh Singh was awarded with Padma Vibhushan and Padma Bhushan both the second and the third highest honours in the country. For inconspicuous bravery in the face of the enemy and outstanding leadership under fire Lt Col Megh Singh was awarded with Veer Chakra.

Today the Indian Parachute Regiment and Special Forces are considered amongst the best in the world including the British SAS, US Special Forces, Navy SEALs and Israeli Sayeret Matkal and Flotila 13. Few outlaws, few good men started a tradition of valour and sacrifice. The saga continues till date with Parachute Regiment being the most decorated regiment in the world despite it being only raised in WWII and despite it competing amongst the best of the best who have been there for centuries. The Maroon Berets are truly a different breed, and it all started with one man who said, “Who dares wins”.

This post is dedicated to Lt Gen Harbaksh Singh Padma Vibhushan, VrC, Padma Bhushan GOC-in-C Western Command 1965 and Lt Col Megh Singh Rathore VrC CO 9 PARA CDO BN….. True legends

The idea is to highlight a military personality, I deliberately combined two personalities, to negate the efforts of giving it a religious colour by certain kind of people who might portray Gen Harbaksh’s prowess as something related to his religious believes, which certainly is not the case. This post is not a “Sikh” praise post. It is a post on two brilliant military commanders.

A man’s ability has nothing to do with religion. and this post is equally for Lt Col Megh Singh Rathore and I want it to be that way if anyone shares this post.

Courtesy: Lt Colonel Megh Singh ji.

(Originally Published on Facebook by Sri Ravi Nair)

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