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A “Kiss” and a “Dish”

September 2, 2018

First – I will give you a “Kiss”

Then – I will give you a “Dish”


A Story and A Recipe By Vikram Karve 

Part 1 – A KISS

Eggs – Vodka – and – a Kiss (a story)

Long back – I heard this interesting story – a folktale – surely apocryphal – about eggs, vodka and a kiss.

Tamerlane’s wife started to build a magnificent palace for him as a surprise, while he was away at the wars, but when she got word of his imminent return, one arch, the victory arch, the Arc de Triomphe still remained unfinished.

She went directly to the architect and begged him to hurry but the architect told her he would complete the work in time only if she gave him a kiss.

“One kiss – one single kiss – just one kiss – that’s all I want from you – and I will build the most magnificent triumphal arch in the world…” the architect said to her.

Tamerlane’s wife was not only very beautiful and very virtuous, but also very clever.

She went to the market – she bought a basket of eggs – she boiled them hard – and stained them a dozen different colours – red, green, purple etc

She called the architect to the palace – showed him the basket – and told him to choose any egg he liked – and eat it.

He took a red egg and ate it.

“What does it taste like…?” she asked.

“Like an egg. It tastes like an egg…” he said.

“Eat another egg…” she said.

He took a green egg and ate it.

“What does that taste like…?” she asked.

“It tastes like an egg – just like the red egg you gave me before…” he answered.

“Try another egg…” she said.

He ate a purple egg.

“How does it taste…?” she asked.

“It tastes like an egg. One egg tastes just the same as any other egg…” he said, intrigued by all this.

“There you are…!!!” Tamerlane’s wife said:

“Each of these eggs looks different – but they all taste the same. 

It is the same with a kiss.

Women may look different – but the kiss tastes the same.

So – you may kiss any one of my serving women that you like – but you must leave me alone.”

“Very well…” said the architect.

But soon – the architect came back to Tamerlane’s wife.

This time he was carrying a tray with two bowls on it.

Tamerlane’s wife looked at the two bowls and she saw that both the bowls were full of water.

“Drink from each of these bowls…” the architect said came back to Tamerlane’s wife.

Tamerlane’s wife took a drink from the first bowl.

“How does it taste…?” he architect asked Tamerlane’s wife

“Of course, it tastes like water – how else will water taste…?” she said.

“Now – you drink from the other bowl…” the architect said to Tamerlane’s wife.

Tamerlane’s wife took a sip from the first bowl.

The moment she drank from the second bowl – she coughed and spluttered.

Yes – Tamerlane’s wife went into a fit of coughing when she took a mouthful from the second bowl – because it contained vodka  – not water.

“See…” the architect said:

“Look at the two bowls of Vodka and Water. 

Vodka and Water – they both look alike – but each tastes quite different – isn’t it…? 

It is the same with Love. 

All Love may look the same – but each Love is different…!!!”

Primed by the Vodka in her veins – Tamerlane’s wife kissed the architect on the mouth.

The moment the kiss was over – the architect rushed back to the palace and finished the triumphal arch

And – on the same day – the victorious Tamerlane rode back with his Army and Trophies of War – and his cages full of captive kings.

Tamerlane was impressed with the magnificent palace – especially the grand victory arch – and he lavishly rewarded the architect.

But – when Tamerlane went to congratulate his wife – Tamerlane’s wife turned away from him – because no woman returns to the harem after she has tasted vodka.

And – what happened to Tamerlane’s wife and the architect – well that’s another story…!!!

Part 2 – A DISH

Sexy Eggs (recipe)

Now – Dear Reader – here is the scrumptious mouth-watering Recipe – which embodies the essence of the story:

The recipe for SEXY EGGS 

Now – let’s talk of eggs.

In the story – we had boiled eggs which looked different – but tasted the same.

Now – I am going to tell you how to make boiled eggs that look the same – but taste different

(just like the water and the vodka in the Vodka/Water story…) 

And talking of Vodka and Eggs – apart from Vodka – this snack goes very well with Rum-Pani, Whiskey-Soda and Chilled Beer.

You can take my word for it – because – in the good old days – when I loved to drink – “Sexy Eggs” was my favourite “cocktail snack” – which I prepared myself – when I called people over – and this “cocktail snack”  was highly appreciated – by the way – we called “cocktail snacks” as “Small Eats” in the Navy

Hard-boil as many eggs as you want [at least two eggs per person]

When boiled – plunge the eggs into cold running water to cool rapidly – and shell smoothly.

Carefully and very delicately cut each egg lengthwise into two halves.

Remove the yolks carefully.

Mash the yolks into a paste.

Season the mashed yolks paste with a pinch of salt, pepper and red chilly powder, and keep aside.

Now – comes the interesting part.

Take some Kheema (mince meat) – and boil it in water – along with finely chopped onions – a piece of dalchini (cinnamon) – tejpatta (Bay Leaves) – a few lavangs (cloves) and peppercorns (kali mirch dana) – badi and choti Elaichi (cardamom) – a few cloves of garlic – strips of ginger – one or two fresh green chillies – and a bit of salt.

Cook on slow fire (to facilitate absorbing of the flavour and aroma of the spices) – till the meat is well-cooked, tender and dry.

Now – divide the cooked Kheema mixture into two equal portions.

In one half portion of the Kheema – blend in the mashed yolk paste – and as per your taste – add salt, garam masala, coriander powder, cumin powder, tandoori masala, red chilly powder (depending on how spicy you like it) – and grind in a mixer into a smooth paste.

In a flat bottom pan – heat oil – fry fine onion strips till translucent – add finely chopped tomato – then add the spicy kheema paste – and deep fry till it turns nice and brown – and the oil begins to separate.

Take the other half portion of the Kheema – and fry it the same way with everything else – all the seasoning and spices as the first portion – but without adding the mashed egg yolks. (Yes – Put in all the ingredients mentioned above except the mashed egg yolks).

You now have two non-vegetarian fillings ready – Kheema with Mashed Egg Yolks and Kheema without Mashed Egg Yolks (Both fillings will taste different).

Now use your imagination and prepare a few more non-vegetarian and vegetarian fillings both with and without the mashed egg yolk paste.

Here are some ideas:

Mayonnaise, cooked chopped fish, salt and pepper.

Mayonnaise, chopped peanuts, salt, chilly powder or mustard paste.

Soft Butter, Cheese, Chilly, Pepper and Salt or so many combinations of spiced up cheese with finely chopped green chillies and tomatoes, mustard paste, and all the sauces you want to blend in.

Let your culinary imagination run wild.

Now carefully stuff in these delicious fillings into the cavities of the eggs in place of the removed yolks – and delicately rejoin – and press together – the two halves – so that it looks like a boiled egg.

Now you can either:

(a) dip these eggs in seasoned besan paste and deep fry into crisp pakoras and enjoy the appetizing snack nice and hot along with your drink


(b) just chill the stuffed eggs in your fridge and relish them with tomato sauce or green chutney – or maybe with a yummy lip smacking dip like a tomato dip or a cheese chilly dip or a green dip – which I will tell you about later.

With different fillings inside – each egg will look the same from the outside – but – will taste different when you eat them.


Now – your “Sexy Eggs” are ready to eat.

So – pull out your Rum Pani, Whisky Soda, Chilled Beer – or – why not have some good old Neat Vodka on the Rocks – just like in the story.

Say “Cheers” – and Bash on Regardless…!!!

Then – while enjoying your “Vodka” and Eggs – in your mind – ponder on the story of “Eggs, Vodka and a Kiss”

Well – Dear Reader:

That – in a nutshell – is PERCEPTION

Some things look the same – but taste different


Some things look different – but taste the same 

So – in a nutshell:

Perception is like “a Kiss and a Dish” 

It is all in the mind – isn’t it…?

Cheers !!!

I hope you enjoyed the “Appetizing Kiss” and the “Sexy Dish”…!!! 


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Navy Traditions – Stripe Wetting

September 2, 2018

Navy Traditions
Stripe Wetting has its origins in the good old days when officers on promotion used to add on the new stripe to the existing old ones.
The new golden stripe being shiny would stand out.
At the ceremony to celebrate the promotion – fellow officers would rub a few drops of beer or rum/whisky on the new stripe to dull the shine of the newly added stripe to make it match the existing old stripes.
This tradition continues to this day as a gesture of wishing good luck to the newly promoted officer.

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