For You – Is Divorce an Option…?

Are you married – or – are you thinking of getting married…?

Do you think that divorce is an option…?

Or – do you feel that divorce is not option…?

For me – Divorce is not an option.

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Marriage Mantra 

We – my wife and I – we got married on 30 May 1982.

Soon – on 30 May 2017 – we will complete 35 years of married life – and we will enter the 36th year of our marriage.

Ours was an arranged marriage.

There was no “love” involved.

We are certainly not a “made for each other” couple.

In fact – we were – and we still are – a terribly incompatible couple.

Our marriage is perpetually “on the rocks”.

We survive marriage on a day-to-day basis.

I remember a true story that happened just before our marriage in May 1982.

We had gone to IAT Pune to invite my Navy Friends to our wedding (my Navy friends were doing a post-graduate course in IAT – where I became an Instructor/Professor later).

The wife of a friend – a lady who knew me closely – she observed my “would-be-wife” carefully.

She commented to her husband that “our marriage would not last for even 10 days…”

Yes – she said that our marriage would not last for even 10 days…

My friend landed up on our 10th wedding anniversary on 30 May 1992 – with a bottle of champagne – and he made his wife eat her words.

But – what the lady had said – her prophesy that our marriage would not last for even 10 days– it did have a ring of truth in it.

My wife and I are indeed an incongruous couple– we are poles apart in all aspects.

We have huge differences of opinion on almost all matters – we fight a lot – we criticize each other – we shout at each other – we never hide our feelings – especially when we don’t like something – and we call a spade a spade.

We don’t indulge in lovey-dovey Public Displays of Affection (PDA) – and – we don’t indulge in “niceties” – like giving each other gifts – or celebrating occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

Ours may be a rather volatile and “loveless” relationship – but there is nothing fake about our relationship.

In these modern times – when even passionate “love marriages” breakup and end in divorce – why is it that our rather prosaic “incompatible” marriage has stood the test of time…?

There is just one reason.

Both my wife and I were always clear about one thing:


That is our “Marriage Mantra”:

Divorce is Not An Option.


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Link to my original post in my Blog Academic and Creative Writing Journal Vikram Karve:

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