Eating Out in New Zealand : My Foodie Diary

Eating Out in Auckland Christchurch Queenstown South Island

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Arrived Auckland 0900 (9 AM) on 23 Dec 2015

Drove Around to Mission Bay Beach, St. Heliers Point, HMS Achilles Memorial – felt hungry – so – we had a hearty lunch.

Here are a few “Morsels” – a few “Nibbles” – Vignettes from My New Zealand Food Diary.

Happy “Eating” … !!!

PART 1 – Auckland and Christchurch

23 December 2015



Flame Grilled Peri-Peri Chicken at Nando’s Mount Eden Auckland

24 December 2015

Frugal Dinner

Our daughter picked up a rather spartan meal for us from Newmarket Auckland


Malaysian Lunch

We flew down from Auckland to Christchurch by the Air New Zealand morning flight.

I had just a cup of tea in the morning – and I was expecting a hearty breakfast on board – but they gave us a choice of either a tiny packet of chips or a cookie.

I had chips – followed by a cup of tea.

The Christchurch Airport Cafeterias were packed with patrons (we also noticed a large number of people eating at the food cafes at Auckland Airport).

However – we thought it would be better to get to our hotel first and then have lunch at the hotel or nearby.

As we set out for food – we saw that the markets were totally deserted and we saw that all shops and restaurants were closed since it was Christmas Day.

In India – generally – on festival days – markets/restaurants are kept open for the crowds – but here – in New Zealand – it is different – shops, restaurants – everything is closed for Christmas – even the Air Force Museum at Christchurch is closed on Christmas Day.

We now realized why so many people were eating at the airport restaurants.

Finally – we found just one restaurant open – Malaysia Delights – so we entered and ate to our heart’s content. — eating lunch at Malaysia Delights Authentic Cuisine.

Malaysian Lunch


Egyptian Dinner
25 December 2015

All Eateries in Papanui Christchurch New Zealand were closed for Christmas – except three.

In the afternoon – only Malaysian Delight was open – so we had lunch over there.

“Better Half” is Pure Vegetarian – and she did not quite like the solitary veg dish there.

In the evening – we found two more eateries open – a “Fish and Chips” place – and “Egyptian Kebab House” – where there was a veg item on the menu – so we decided to try out the place.

In India – if you order a plate of Kebab (Kabab) – you get a few pieces of roasted meat along with a chutney and a few slices of onions.

However – as we discovered – here – at Egyptian Kebab House – we got a generous plate comprising Kebab Pita-Bread/Rice + generous helpings of salads and sauces.

In fact – the helpings were so generous that none of us could fully “polish off” the entire Kebab plate – and even a foodie like me stood vanquished by the food.

Believe it or not – I was eating Egyptian Cuisine for the first time in my life – and that too in New Zealand…!!!

Here are some pictures of Egyptian Kebabs for you to relish:

Just imagine – I had already spent 3 days in New Zealand – and I had not tasted the local cuisine as yet…!!!

To be continued in PART 2…

Meanwhile – Here is a “recap” of Part 1…


Malaysian Lunch


Link to My Original Post in my Academic and Creative Writing Journal ->

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