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Slice of Life Fiction Story

In the Navy – as basic courtesy – we were taught to address all persons by their names – whether they were Naval Officers, Sailors, Dockyard “Mateys” or Civilians – so I always like to call all persons I meet by their names.

That is why I make it a point to ask a person his or her name whenever I interact with anyone.

One morning – I went to the bank for some work.

I was directed to a counter where a lady customer service manager was sitting.

As is my custom – I asked the young lady her name.

“Prajakta…” she said.

She was pretty efficient – and on completion of the bank work – I thanked “Prajakta” – and I wished her a ‘Good Day’.

From the bank – I walked down to my CA’s office in connection with my tax return.

He assigned my work to a young student – who was doing her ‘articleship’.

I asked the young girl her name.

“Prajakta…” she said.

What a coincidence – meeting two girls named “Prajakta” within a few minutes.

In Marathi – “Prajakta” is the name of a fragrant flower – a nice name for a girl.

I jogged my memory.

In recent times – I remembered having come across only one “Prajakta” – a young student who was my daughter’s college classmate.

In earlier times – I did not recall knowing any girl called “Prajakta”.

But now – “Prajakta” seemed to be quite a popular name.

I checked my email on my smartphone – and I saw a message from a journalist who wanted to interact with me regarding an article she was writing.

Guess what the journalist’s name was…?

You guessed right – her name was “Prajakta”.

This was a real pleasant “happenstance” – coming across 3 girls called “Prajakta” in just a few hours.

I came back home – and while waiting for the lift – I glanced at the huge board showing the names of the owners of the flats in our residential society.

Believe it or not – there was a “Prajakta” there too – and just imagine – I had never noticed it all these days.

This was too much of a coincidence – 4 “Prajaktas” in one day…!

A few hours later – while I was going down in the lift to the ground floor – on the way for my evening walk – a young couple – a boy and a girl – got into the lift at a lower floor.

The Boy – a “Techie” – a familiar face – pointed to his companion – and he said shyly to me: “Uncle – this is my fiancée.”

The girl smiled coyly at me.

I smiled at the girl and asked her: “By any chance – is your name ‘Prajakta’…?”

The girl seemed baffled – and giving me a look of bewilderment – she asked me: “How do you know that my name is ‘Prajakta’…?

I just laughed – and I quickly exited from the lift – which had reached the ground floor.

As I walked away – I could sense the boy and the girl walking behind me – and I could hear snippets of their conversation…

“How does he know that your name is ‘Prajakta’…? Do you know him…?”

“I really don’t know – I have never met this man before…”

Dear Reader:

By any chance – is your name “Prajakta”…?

Or – do you know any girls called “Prajakta”…?

I really think “Prajakta” is a lovely name for girls.

I told you earlier that “Prajakta” is the name of a fragrant flower.

I surfed the net – and I found an interesting story about the “Prajakta” Flower in a Blog called “Grandma’s Stories” (url: Grandma’s stories-452-Prajakta: GOD’S Flower – Lekhika | Best Poems | Best Stories | Grand Ma | Poetry )

With due acknowledgement to “Grandma” – I am taking the liberty of posting the story below slightly edited for your convenience:

Grandma’s stories–452–Prajakta: God’s Flower

Naarad Muni is known to create misunderstanding among Gods, which used to be the reason of fights.

Lord Indra planted a tree in Indralok with beautiful little white flowers, with four to eight petals with vibrant dark orange tube.

This tree was called Parijat or Prajakta and had highly fragrant flowers. The flowers opened at night, spreading their fragrance. The Prajakta flowers were called God’s Flower.

There is a story behind it.

Naarad Muni brought some Prajakta flowers from Indralok – and he gave them to Lord Krishna.

He wanted to see to whom Lord Krishna would give them.

He saw that Lord Krishna gave them to Rukhmini.

Naarad Muni immediately went to Satyabhama and informed her about it.

Satyabhama went to Lord Krishna and she insisted to him to bring the tree of Prajakta.

According to his nature – Naarad Muni went to Lord Indra and said somebody from earth is soon going to steal the Prajakta tree to plant it there.

Lord Krishna went to Indralok with Satyabhama.

A battle took place between Lord Krishna and Lord Indra.

Lord Krishna was successful in taking the Prajakta tree – but Lord Indra gave a curse that the plant would never bear fruits – but may only bear flowers.

The Prajakta flowers bloom at night – and shed before sunrise.

Lord Krishna planted the Prajakta tree in such a manner at Satyabhama’s house that when it bore flowers – they would fall at Rukhmini’s house.

Satyabhama wanted the tree and she got it.

Rukhmini wanted the flowers and she got them.

I found another interesting blog post about the meaning of the name “Prajakta” at url:…

Hey – I have digressed.

Now – having met 5 “Prajaktas” in just one day – I am eagerly waiting for the6th “Prajakta” – so – let’s see when I meet a girl called “Prajakta” once again – online or offline…

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    Interesting story about the Prajakta’s….both your’s and Narad Munni’s…….am not a Prajakta only a Rutuja though 🙂

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