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Are You Searching for the Key to Enlightenment…?

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Inspirational Story of Wit and Wisdom
My Favourite Mulla Nasrudin Teaching Story

A friend of mine asked me which is my favourite Inspirational Teaching Story.

Well, here it is – a Mulla Nasrudin Story “THE KEY” – my all time favourite Inspirational Tale:


One blistering hot summer afternoon – under the blazing sun – people saw Mulla Nasrudin crawling on his knees in the middle of a road in broad daylight frantically searching for something.

The crowd observed him curiously for some time – and then an inquisitive man asked him, “Nasrudin – What are you searching for…?

“I have lost my key…” replied Mulla Nasrudin.

Being of a helping nature the man joined Mulla Nasrudin in searching for the lost key.

Soon – there were a large number of people on the ground crawling on all fours searching for the elusive key on the road in the scorching hot sun.

An extensive search was carried out but the key was not found – so someone in the crowd asked Nasrudin, “Nasrudin – Do you remember where you lost your key…?

“I lost my key in the basement of my house…” replied Mulla Nasrudin matter-of-factly.

“What…? Are you crazy…? You lost the key in the basement of your house…? Then why are you searching for the key over here in the middle of the road…?” the astonished crowd asked Nasrudin.

“Because there is more light here…” replied the wise Mulla Nasrudin, matter-of-factly.

“But you lost the key in the basement of your house…?” the bewildered people said.

“Yes – but the basement of my house is very dark – but here on the street – there is so much bright light…” Mulla Nasrudin opined.


This short Mulla Nasrudin Teaching Story is symbolic.

The “key” is a metaphor.

Everybody is looking for “keys” they have lost – or “keys” they desire.

The key to happiness – the key to bliss – the key to freedom – the key to God – the key to peace and tranquility – the key to success – the key to good health – the key to self-actualization – the key to enlightenment…

And – everyone seems to be searching for their elusive “key” in the wrong places.

Most of us look for the “key” outside ourselves.

The “key” is sought in Power, Wealth, Fame, Material and Intellectual Achievement, Success – or in relationships like love marriage, parenting, friendship, appreciation, approval of others etc – all of which are outside you.

We search for the “key” outside because there seems to be much “light” outside (just like Nasrudin was searching for his lost key in bright sunlight in broad daylight on the middle of the road on a hot afternoon – even though he had lost his key in the dark basement of his house)

Very few look for the “key” within.

You must remember that you have lost your “key” within you – and so – you must search for your “key” inside you – by reflection and introspection.

The concept of teaching stories is embodied in the tales of the inimitable Mulla Nasrudin narrated by Sufis to illustrate aspects of human behaviour which are relevant to both our personal and professional lives.

The first step to self-growth is to try to identify yourself in these stories.

You must acknowledge that you too could be as foolish or as lacking in discernment as the characters in these classic tales.

Once you do this – it will be easy for you to imbibe the wisdom in these tales.

Now let’s do an exercise.

Close your eyes.

Think of this story.

Then – reflect, ruminate – carry the story in your mind – identify yourself in the story – create a silence within you – and let the story reveal to you its inner depth and meaning.

Which “key” are you looking for…?

The key to happiness, the key to health, the key to bliss, the key to freedom, the key to inner peace and tranquillity, the key to love, the key to God…?

Why are you looking for the “key” outside – when you have lost the “key” deep inside within you…?

Are you searching for the “key” outside because there is more “light” outside than within you…?

How can you find the key outside when you have lost it inside you…?

You have lost your key deep inside within you – so you have to search inwards deep within you…!

Have you lost your “key”…?


Which “key” have you lost…?

Did you search for your lost “key”…?

Have you found your lost “key”…?


Keep searching.

But – remember to search for your lost “key” in the right place.

Search for your lost “key” within you – and not outside.

All the Best.

May you discover your “key” soon.

Wish you Happiness and Enlightenment.

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