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A Passionate Love Story

Nowadays you have two types of friendships and relationships:

1. “Offline” Real World Friendships
2. “Online” Virtual World Relationships

Online relationships are like platonic relationships.

And – like platonic friendships – online friendships are so ethereal and graceful.

So  – I sometimes wonder – whether it is a good idea to physically meet my online virtual friends in the real world – and convert the beautiful  online platonic friendship into a real world physical relationship – and descend from the exquisite ethereal plane to the harsh physical reality of the real world.

Metaphorically – descending from a “platonic” online relationship to a “physical” offline relationship is like marrying your lover – and converting a lovely romance into a prosaic marriage.

While these thoughts – I remembered a story I had written around 25 years ago – before the advent of internet into my life – when all relationships were “offline” – but there was still a dilemma:

Should you let a beautiful platonic romance remain in its state of delicate bliss…?

Or – should you bring it crashing down into the real world by converting your platonic romance into a physical relationship…?

Read on – Dear Reader – I have delved deep into my creative writing archives and pulled out this story for you to read and enjoy…

PLATONIC LOVEMAKING – A Love Story by Vikram Karve

I love making love on a Sunday morning. 

I make love to a beautiful woman on Sunday morning – yes – I make love to her with my eyes.

Here is how we make love.

Tell me – what does a beautiful woman do – when a handsome young man like me – looks at her in an insistent, lingering sort of way – which is worth a hundred compliments? 

I will tell you what she does.

First – she realizes that I am looking at her.

Then – she accepts being looked at by me.

Finally – she begins to look at me in return.
Suddenly – her eyes become hard.

Then – she grills me with a stern stare that makes me uncomfortable.
Scared and discomfited – I quickly avert my eyes – and try to disappear into the crowd. 

I feel ashamed at having eyed her so blatantly.

“What will she think of me?” I wonder. 

But soon – by instinct – and almost against my will – my eyes begin searching – trying to find her again.

Ah – there she is. 

She stands at the fruit-stall – buying fruit.

She is an exquisite beauty – tall, fair and freshly bathed – her luxuriant black hair flows down her back – her sharp features accentuated by the morning sun – her nose slightly turned up – so slender and transparent – as though accustomed to smelling nothing but perfumes.

I am mesmerized.

Never before has anyone evoked such a delightful tremor of thrilling sensation in me.

An unknown force propels me towards the fruit-stall. 

I stand near her – and I make pretence of choosing a papaya – trying to look at her with sidelong glances – when I think she isn’t noticing – hoping that she wouldn’t notice me looking at her.

But – she notices.

She looks at me.

Her eyes are extremely beautiful – enormous, dark, expressive.

Suddenly – her eyes began to dance.

Seeing the genuine admiration in my eyes – she gives me a smile so captivating – that I experience a delightful twinge in my heart.

She selects a papaya – and she extends her hands to give it to me.

Our fingers touch.

The feeling is electric. 

It is sheer ecstasy. 

I feel so good that I wish time would stand still.

I cannot begin to describe the lovely sensation I feel deep inside me.

I try to smile.

She communicates an unspoken goodbye with her eyes.

Then – she briskly walks away.

Three months have passed. 

She has never misses her Sunday morning love date with me – same time – same place – every Sunday – at precisely 7 o’clock in the morning.

But – My Dear Reader – do you know that not a word has been exchanged between us.

We just make love every Sunday morning using the language of our eyes.

Then – we part with an unspoken goodbye.

Once – I was slightly late for our rendezvous.

I could see her eyes desperately searching for me.

And when her eyes found me – her eyes danced with delight – and her eyes began making love to my eyes.

Tell me – is there any lovemaking that can surpass our fascinating alluring lovemaking…?

It feels like the supreme bliss of non-alcoholic intoxication.

Should I speak to her…?

I do not know.

Why doesn’t she speak to me…?

I do not know.

Does one have to speak to express love? 

Are words from the mouth the only way to communicate love…?

Maybe – we both want our beautiful romance to remain this way.

Our silent love making with our eyes – so lovely – so esoteric – so exquisite – so pristine – so platonic – so divine – so fragile – so delicate – so sensitive – so delicately poised.

Just one word would spoil everything.

Yes – just one word would destroy our enthralling state of trance-like bliss – and bring everything crashing down from supreme ecstasy to harsh ground reality.

I think it is best to let our exquisite Sunday morning lovemaking go on for ever and ever – till eternity.

What do you feel – Dear Reader?

How long should we go making love like this?

Tell me – should I make a move…?

Should I talk to her – and break the lovely spell…?

Tell me – My Dear Reader:

Should I talk to her and express my love – or is it best to remain silent – and let our beautiful platonic lovemaking bloom to glory in ethereal silence?

I will do exactly as you say.

Till then – I will make platonic love to the beautiful woman every Sunday morning – yes – I will make love to her with my eyes.

Copyright © Vikram Karve 
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This story is a work of fiction. Events, Places, Settings and Incidents narrated in the story are a figment of my imagination. The characters do not exist and are purely imaginary. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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Copyright © Vikram Karve (all rights reserved)

I wrote this story 25 years ago, in the year 1990, and I have posted it online earlier in my creative writing blogs at urls:…  and…  and…  etc

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