Naval Customs, Traditions and Punishments in IN & RN —-Cdr(Retd) Carl Gomes

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Naval Customs &  tradition

Naval Customs, traditions and punishments in the IN and the RN

Customs and traditions are important factors in the growth and maintenance of naval esprit de corps. In many cases, they concern matters which cannot be adequately covered by official regulations nor,indeed, would it be appropriate for them to be dealt with in this way. Frequently the customs of the
Navy originated in the need to have a code of conduct to ensure that not only officers worked together harmoniously, but also that their relationship with the men under their command was properly governed. The following examples of naval ceremonies and phraseology will give the reader a brief
insight into this important part of naval life.

Crossing the line

To the average civilian, “crossing the line” means ‘overstepping the limit or boundary’; but to those familiar with…

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