Mystery of AADHAAR Data Processing – Enrolled Twice But Still Waiting For My Aadhaar Card

Academic and Creative Writing Journal Vikram Karve: AADHAAR – Enrolled Twice But Still Waiting For My Aadhaar Card.

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AADHAAR – Enrolled Twice But Still Waiting For My Aadhaar Card

If the new Government is serious about Aadhaar it needs to revamp UIDAI and make it accountable.

Here is my Aadhaar Story – I enrolled twice for my Aadhaar Card and on both occasions UIDAI bungled in data processing.

Despite repeated complaints for the past two years, there has been I have not received a satisfactory resolution from UIDAI and my Aadhaar Card has still not been delivered to me.

I am a Military Veteran, a citizen of India, with bonafide antecedents, but UIDAI refuses to give me a Aadhaar Card, whereas I have seen media reports of Aadhaar Cards being issued to illegal immigrants and foreigners who are not citizens of India.

The lackadaisical attitude of UIDAI pains me – maybe UIDAI feels it is not accountable to anyone.

I wrote this blog post in January 2014.

I am posting it once more for your perusal.

I want an Aadhaar Card.

I have made repeated efforts to get an Aadhaar Card.

I have enrolled, I have re-enrolled – but till today I have not received my Aadhaar Card.

My numerous complaints have not been satisfactorily resolved by the UIDAI.

Let me tell about my efforts to get an Aadhaar Card.


I first enrolled for Aadhaar on 08 February 2012 (08/02/2012).

The enrolment centre was located in a leading IT Software Company in Pune and Enrolment Agency was “Tera Software Ltd”

There was a big rush and I had to wait for more than 3 hours in a queue before I was enrolled.

I was issued an acknowledgement receipt with an enrolment number.

I did not receive my Aadhaar Card for over 6 months despite repeated reminders from my side.

On checking Aadhaar Status on the UIDAI website, the status would show: “Your Aadhaar Number is under generation”.

Suddenly, 10 months after enrolment, in November 2012, the status said: “Your Aadhaar enrolment could not be processed due to data process error. Please re-enroll yourself at the nearest enrolment centre”


Accordingly, I re-enrolled myself for Aadhaar for a second time on 10 December 2012 (10/12/2012).

The Enrolment Centre was located in IDBI Bank Hinjewadi Pune and the Enrolment Agency was “Sreeven Infocom Limited”.

I explained to the lady enroller that my first Aadhaar enrolment had failed due to data process error and asked her to be extra careful and ensure that my data was collected properly.

The enroller took due care and confirmed to me that my biometric details had been recorded perfectly.

She also cross-checked my documents of Proof of Identity (PAN Card), Proof of Address (Electricity Bill in my name) and even took a Date of Birth proof document from me and attached photocopies of all these documents to the form which she was forwarding.

She assured me that I would receive my Aadhaar Card within 3 months.

I was issued an acknowledgement receipt with an enrolment number.

This time the Aadhaar enrolment acknowledgement form had additional comments like “Good Fingerprint Quality”, “Biometrics Captured Fingers (10) Iris (2) Face” etc.

I eagerly waited for my Aadhaar card.

Unfortunately, exactly the same sequence of events happened as had taken place during the first Aadhaar Enrolment.

For the first few months the status report said: “Your Aadhaar Number is under generation”.

After more than 6 months had elapsed, the Aadhaar status said: “Your Aadhaar enrolment could not be processed due to data process error. Please re-enroll yourself at the nearest enrolment centre”

Why was “data process error” occurring again and again?

What exactly are these “data processing errors” which were happening more than 6 months after enrolment?

I sent emails to UIDAI ( E-Mail id: ) and filled up online grievance redressal form, but I did not receive satisfactory response from UIDAI, and my case remains unresolved.

It seemed that things were moving in a circle and I was destined not to get an Aadhaar Card.


It has been my experience that the UIDAI Grievance Redressal Mechanism is totally ineffective.

Since I am keen to get an Aadhaar Card and I do not want the same “data process error” to happen again and again, I made a number of complaints by email / helpline but did not receive any satisfactory response.

The only response to my complaints and grievances I received was a call from the UIDAI Mumbai Office that I should re-enroll once again (for the third time) and try my luck.

I asked the official: “This time can you please guarantee that that there will be no “data processing errors” and can you assure me that I will receive my Aadhaar Card?”

He laughed it off, saying: “Who can guarantee anything? The whole enrolment process has been outsourced to private companies. You re-enroll once more and try your luck. If your Aadhaar generation fails again, you keep trying again and again.”

This reply from UIDAI left me bewildered. I did not know whether to laugh or cry.

A few days ago, I discussed my Aadhaar woes with a friend of mine, who said matter-of-factly, “You have spent all your life in uniform serving in the Defence Services, so you don’t know anything about the outside world. In India, you cannot get anything done unless you pay a bribe.”

I was aghast.

“Do you have to pay a bribe for an Aadhaar Card?”

At first I did not believe my friend.

But then I read a news report that an Aadhaar enroller had been caught taking bribes for making Aadhaar Cards. 

What is worse, media has reported many such Aadhaar Scams where if you paid bribes you could get an Aadhaar Card made even without the necessary documents:

Cobrapost sting reveals Aadhaar fraud – Hindustan Times…

Page on

Aadhaar scam did not stop with kingpin – The Times of India

If corruption is rampant in the Aadhaar Enrolment System, it is no wonder that even illegal immigrants who are not citizens of India are being issued Aadhaar Cards, as frequent news reports say:


21 Illegal Bangladeshi immigrants caught with Aadhar and Voter Card


Don’t issue Aadhar cards to illegal immigrants, Supreme Court tells Centre


The Government keeps saying that Aadhaar Card is voluntary.

But in actual fact they are making it compulsory by making Aadhaar mandatory for LPG subsidized cylinders and other requirements.

A retired defence officer told me that soon veteran armed forces ex-servicemen of the army navy and air force will not be able to avail medical treatment under ECHS unless they had an Aadhaar Card.

The more they make anything compulsory, the more the scope for corruption.

Will the virus of corruption infect the UIDAI Aadhaar System too?

The UIDAI was headed by Mr. Nandan Nilekani, a distinguished technocrat who has achieved outstanding success in the IT Industry (at the time of writing this article).

My repeated efforts at obtaining an Aadhaar Card in an honest manner have failed, so let me ask UIDAI a simple question: “Do I have to pay a bribe to get an Aadhaar Card?”

Now that the UIDAI is headless, I want to ask the same question to the new government?

Or will the UIDAI send me my Aadhaar Card at the earliest?

Sometimes I laugh at the irony of our system:

A Military Veteran, who is a bonafide citizen of India with impeccable antecedents, and who has served the nation in uniform for his entire career life, is denied an Aadhaar Card, while media reports that large numbers of illegal immigrants who are not citizens of India are being issued Aadhaar Cards

I do not know whether to laugh or cry at our system of governance.

Please give me “Aadhaar”  


  1. 1
    ALBERT Says:

    I appreciate your blog. I read your article on Mystery of AADHAAR Data Processing…I too am a victim of this….How to solve or get a reasonable answer from UIDAI as I don’t want to get into the hassle of enrolling again and again…If I know the data process error then only I can rectify …..otherwise how can a common man know as to why there is error….


  2. 2
    Palma Says:

    Great weblog here! Additionally your website quite a bit up very
    fast! What host are you using? Can I am getting your associate link to your host?
    I desire my website loaded up as fast as yours lol


  3. 3
    Gagandeep Says:

    I am also trying to update address on my Aadhar card since last 4 months. I have tried 3 times but every time i get “Data process error”. What the hell it is? I have also downloaded local language keyboard and make sure addresses should be correct in local language as well but still it’s getting rejected. I tried to update address two times online then 3rd time i tried from local enrolment system. But still it’s get rejected. On the basis of this system govt. want to make Aadhar mandatory everywhere including filling tax?

    When time come to collect tax from citizens, govt. will send you emails, sms, file tax online, what a fast services. But when something comes for citizen system is crawling. Do you believe that a court judgement copy comes after two to three months. They even don’t bother to send it on email to both parties, you have to go to court many times to just collect judgement copy. There is no reform in judiciary system but in tax collection or making bills (GST) to collect more tax there has been revolutionary reform and govt. works in amazing speed.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. 4
    Rahul Churi Says:

    even me too, i am same victim of aadhar process. i tried 2 times for aadhar process but both the time i git the answer as ”data process error” i did not got my aadhar number till date


  5. 5

    Same issue. My husband is in Govt and still have not received the number. We could not get ration card, toll pass and many other things due to this. He re registered 4 times and still no use. UIDAI has no answer as well and completely incompetent.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. 6
    Dfff Says:

    I am also facing same problem….reply is try again…where is the problem no answer….what is this?

    Liked by 1 person

  7. 7
    Aadhaar Sucks More than Gravity Says:

    My “enrollment packet has not yet been successfully uploaded to the data center” for months now. Did the operator simply nod off and forget to upload my details to UIDAI’s server? Did his net connection go down and the system being pathetic did not retry the data upload once it got reconnected? Who knows? This whole system is opaque, and frankly shady as ****. The entire concept of Aadhaar in fact sinks to high heaven. While our ‘honourable’ (ha ha) Supreme Court sleeps for months before even *beginning* to hear arguments over the validity and scope of Aadhaar, the government goes right ahead and makes it compulsory for everything under the sun. So what is the SC going to decide anyway, when Aadhaar has been made mandatory by the government for almost everything already? Is Aadhaar going to be made optional or withdrawn now?

    Ha ha ha, we all know it’s too much of a prestige and ego issue for the Modi government to ever back down on Aadhaar. According to them we’re all fools to talk about privacy, or the very real threat of hacking and loss of biometrics (which can never be changed of course) and so on. I mean, we all know about our government’s stellar track record when it comes to digitization and security, right? We’ve all been fortunate enough to use various official portals to pay utility bills, property taxes and so on. How wonderful, secure and user-friendly they are!

    Oh, and let’s not forget how Aadhaar is helping to weed out black money, catch criminals, stop illegal immigrants and terrorists (despite immigrants and terrorists obtaining their Aadhaar much before honest citizens), and doing a whole lot more than you and I could ever imagine. Aadhaar’s the best thing since baked bread! It’s a more significant invention than the wheel! All hail Aadhaar – our omnipotent Lord and Saviour! Now if only I had my stupid Aadhaar (which I was arm-twisted into applying for)…


    • 8
      Aadhaar Sucks More than Gravity Says:

      *sTinks to high heaven


    • 9

      Yes – enrollers are of very poor quality and lack proper training. Also – Aadhaar issued to illegal immigrants must be weeded out.


      • 10
        Natasha Says:

        Hi Vikram! Just read your post and realised that there are so many people with the same issue as mine. I am trying for an Aadhar since 3 years now and have applied 6 times till date at all different centres. I am sick of the three words by now- “data process error”. Do i just keep aimlessly trying if the main central issue is only not sorted? i do not have any active running accounts as the only one i have will be non functional after March! and at my new job, the bank officials refuse to open an account without the damn aadhar, while another bank refused to add me to my husband’s account. So how am i even going to get paid from my organisation?! All helplines i turned to, give me the same statement “data process error”. Why do they have customer care lines if they arent going to tell you anything different from the auto pop up on the site!!! If anybody has gone through this issue and has a viable solution, i am all ears! If the government so wants everybody to have an aadhar they better help people get it smoothly and not just cut off essential links by deadlines.

        Liked by 1 person

      • 11

        I suggest you raise a complaint on the Govt Complaint Portal CPGRAMS url:


  8. 12
    Srikant Says:

    My mother also had similar issue . Four times she enrolled for Aadhaar , but each time , we got the same error ‘ Rejected due to Data/Process error’ . The contact centre helpdesk persons are teliing to contact enrollment centre and enrolement centre persons are clueless about the error. Online grievance is only for nameshake. I have no idea if it operates properly ever.
    My mother is around 70 years old. She is still doing her level best to get herself enrolled for aadhaar but repeating failure is really frustrating.
    Did you get any improvement so far, Mr. Karve.
    As the deadline is approaching for the enrollment and affiliation with the bank a/c, PAN , Ration etc. the situation is also spreading panic.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. 14
    Praveen Rajamani Says:

    I have exactly the same issue. I first enrolled in 2013 and then in 2017. Both times it got rejected due to data processing error. I gave up after numerous infutile complaints. Fearing the March 31st deadline, I again enrolled on March 1st and the thing is still pending processing.
    I am sick and tiered of this pathetic aadhaar and its enrollment system.


  10. 15
    Rahul JFL Says:

    Same here, fed up of data process error, taking damn leaves everytime to enroll in this shady system and return empty handed. Voluntary..chors have made it compulsary for everything under roof..Am about to loose my new job as my new employer is not able to link PF account to my UAN and due to this my organisation is facing non-compliance.


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