AADHAAR UIDAI – Bungling Due to Outsourcing – Lacs of people to Re-enroll as a result of Data Loss

There are many news reports of Bungling in the issue of Aadhaar Card.


Here is one such report I read today http://www.myaadhaarcard.in/aadhaar-news/lacs-of-people-to-re-enroll-as-a-result-of-data-loss/

It looks like this is a result of  incompetence by the Enrolment Agencies to whom UIDAI has outsourced Aadhaar Enrolment work who are not able to handle the data processing. Because of this biometric data is repeatedly lost.

It is the same story in Pune.

I too am waiting for more than one year for my Aadhaar Card.

First they lost my data and asked me to re-enrol.

I re-enrolled, but it looks like they have lost my data again.

The grievance redressal mechanism and feedback system of  UIDAI is totally unresponsive.

There is no reply to complaints sent to Aadhaar Enquiry and Complaint Cell on their email help@uidai.gov.in 


I am fed up and have decided not to waste my time indulging in the futile exercise of repeatedly re-enrolling again and again for Aadhaar.

The biggest mistake was to outsource Aadhaar Work to private agencies. Such stupendous tasks can only be handled by government agencies.

Click the link below to read the report.

Lacs of people to re-enroll as a result of data loss.

There is so much bungling and confusion in Aadhaar Inplementation that I feel the government must intervene and ask the UIDAI to work in an efficient manner. In case the UIDAI fails to deliver the goods, then it will be best to involve experienced government agencies in Aadhaar Implementation and if this is not feasible then better scrap Aadhaar which is turning out to be an exercise in futility.

If you cannot improve things then it is always better to cut your losses and make a graceful retreat.

The concept of AADHAAR is good, especially the idea of Direct Cash Transfers. As the UPA Government says this can certainly prove to be a “Game Changer” if implemented properly. Unfortunately, it has become so difficult to get an Aadhaar card and the aam aadmi (common man) is being harassed and inconvenienced so much due to the shoddy implementation by UIDAI that this “game changer” idea may turn into a “game loser” in the next elections.

I hope the UIDAI and Government takes note and takes corrective steps to improve implementation and make it easy for the common man to get an Aadhaar Card.


Please comment. I appreciate your feedback.

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