Buying a Home in WAKAD – PUNE PROPERTY REAL ESTATE SCENE – What You See Is Not What You Get – Review ROHAN TARANG WAKAD

Academic and Creative Writing Journal Vikram Karve: PUNE REAL ESTATE – What You See Is Not What You Get – Review ROHAN TARANG WAKAD.

Click the link above and read the article in the Real Estate Scene in Wakad Pune in my journal


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    Vivek Says:

    @Vikram – read your blog; very insightful indeed. Have things changed for the better, since then or have they worsened? Has the builder responded in any way to the views you expressed? Or have the society members come together to improve things for their own good – because, it is they who have to stay there day-in and day-out?!


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    your blog is very informatic i have alos one Real estate blog and want to promote with support of your blog Jaype Kristal Cour Jaypee Group is launching a premium development at Jaypee Greens Wish Town, at Sector 128, Noida. The development called ‘Jaypee Greens Kristal Court’ is one of the few developments in the township that offer a long view of Jaypee’s 18-hole golf course. Apartments would come in 2BHK and 3BHK configuration and areas start from 1,850 sq ft.


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    Harris Says:

    nice information on real estate…..
    thanks for posting,…


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    It is really true that real estate customers do not get what they deserve in return of huge investment. I think effective media can improve the transparency in the real estate business.


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