HOW TO REMOVE CORRUPTION – a post from Academic and Creative Writing Journal Vikram Karve: WHY WE ARE A CORRUPT COUNTRY

Academic and Creative Writing Journal Vikram Karve: WHY WE ARE A CORRUPT COUNTRY.

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If you want to bring the country to order, first put the province in order.
If you want to put the province in order, you have to first bring order to the cities.
To bring order to the city, you must first bring order to your neighbourhood.
If you want to bring order to your neighbourhood, you must first bring order to your own family.
If you want to bring order to your family, you must first bring order to yourself.
Oriental Saying
If you want the country to be honest, each one of us must be honest.
One corrupt person can discredit the entire social structure and tarnish the reputation of the entire country.


  1. 1

    Analysis and solutions HOW TO REMOVE CORRUPTION seem good in philosophy only. It is impractical to suppose all of us can be honest. And if a few of us follow this ethic there can be no honesty. Corruption in India and other democracies is the result of models of democracy being followed by them. Modern day democracies persist only on money power which in turn creates corruption. We have to change this basic set up of democracy in order to get corruption free governance, which will lead to flourishing of honesty in society. Pl see for the model of governance capable of removing corruption.


  2. 2

    Thanks Satwant, for your views and comments. We must see your model now.


  3. 4
    Rishi Kumar Aggarwal Says:

    Simple: Jaisa Raja Vaishi Praja. To remove corruption….Remove Raja (Read Manmohan and Sonia & gang). All we have to do is remove the ROOT cause of the Corruption – The so called Congress (now the countryman Must NEVER believe the Congress anymore and when it comes to voting we have to be not ONLY against Congress but tell others like wildfire about misdeeds Congress is doing – poor is becoming poorer and richer the richer- It is the policy that Congress is making and to the surprise of the poor people that estimated more than 70% of the poor people vote for Congress (for which the real cause is Congress itself which they don’t realise-But Now No More). See what Sonia said recently that her party has done maximum to remove corruption which no other party has done so far but even then scams and scams emerging almost everyday and think of SO MANY SCAMS still UNEARTHED. We must Echo our Voice at every red lights in the country (by this way expenditure for protests will be zero and message clearly going to the concerned leaders. Well, I am not only against Congress alone but as we all know that Congress is ruling at the centre and not behaving like good Rajas’ at all rather indulge in corrupt practices OPENLY. Now they say for cash flow they have to sell PSUs but believe me they want to fill their OWN pockets and then TRY TO win elections by Money Power. But we MUST assure that Congress is defeated in the next election and never think of even contesting what to talk to coming to power. Jai Hind.


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      Causes of corruption can’t be attributed to any political party. Any other party will also indulge in corruption. Examples are Punjab, UP and many other states .It is the system of governance which needs to be changed. Pl see and read “How to Remove Corruption”


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    It’s hard to come by educated people for this subject, but you seem like you know what you’re talking about!



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